Monday, May 4, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week - Monday

It's Teacher Appreciation Week at my daughters Elementary School. I'm not quite sure why it's an entire week? I think the intent was that parents could show appreciation to their child's teachers at anytime during the week.

For some reason, I got the bright idea that I would do something for each of the days of the week. I guess I could blame (err, I mean give credit) to my friend Marni who has always done something for her kids Teachers on each of the days during Appreciation Week. It sounded like a good idea at the time...but in keeping with my usual style of never knowing when to stop, I may have gone a little overboard?

The plan was to do something little each day, ending with a more meaningful gift on Friday. Let me know how I did.

These are the tags that will be attached to each of the little gifts. There is one for each day of the week, and they make up a poem (kind of like the days of the week poem for when you were born...Monday's Child is...).

I made a Paper Bag Album that each of the tags will slip into after they are removed from the gift. I'll show that on Friday. Now I just have to hope Ms. H. keeps the tags until Friday.

Monday's gift is a Composition book covered in decorative paper. Little K designed this one (I just did the gluing). There is also a post-it matchbook cover.

Here they are all wrapped up with a tulle bow. This photo shows the colors more true. All the papers for this weeks projects and most of the ribbons are from Hobby Lobby (although the solids look remarkably similar to Bazzill colors and textures). I did also use some Bazzill solids from my stash.

One neat thing about HL solids, they are textured on both sides (looks like Washboard on one side, and Burlap on the other). This is great for me because I am always accidentally sticking things down with the texture hidden...and those glue dots are hard to get up.


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  2. I'm doing something everyday as well, only not quite as creative, but times two. I wish you had posted last week so I could have copied your tags - but there's always next year!