Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Think I Could Live Here

We just got back from an amazing few days in Santa Barbara.


We stayed at a beautiful hotel - right on the beach.
Our room faced the ocean and you could hear the waves pounding throughout the night.
I've never slept better (maybe the down bedding and chocolate mints on my pillow helped a bit).

Beach Love

I'm not the only one who wishes we could live here.


These girls could stand and stare at the ocean waves for hours.


That's Little K and her Best Bud (that we stole away for the weekend).



Our resort was simply Glorious 
(the most over used word of the weekend - but the perfect way to describe everything around us).


I'm in love with the Spanish architecture and details.


Look at those beautiful tiles in our bathroom.
Notice the bath spigot? The water just flowed out of the magic.
Did I mention the overhead Rain Shower?


The Hotel grounds there were filled with secret gardens, lush flower filled planters and trickling fountains tucked around every corner. 


More of those hand painted colorful tiles. Yes Please!


Check out this gigantic tree. We named him Ferdinand - because a tree that fantastic has to have an equally powerful name!


We did venture out one day to go Horse Back Riding.



This was my horse.  His name was Chief - Scout - Major - Commander - or something that means person in charge, I never could remember. 

Maybe that's why he didn't listen to me very well?

Horse Butt

The Two of Us

Hubby and Me - looking kind of spiffy after spending several hours on the back of a horse.

The weekend was also filled with...


Refreshing Drinks

Pillow Fight

Pillow Fights


Breakfast on the Veranda


...and lots more time frolicking on the beach!


The View


Yes - I definitely think WE could live here in Santa Barbara
(some day)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

Hope you have wonderful fun things planned to celebrate the ones you LOVE.

Little K is have a small class party today

No fancy home made treats 
(at least not from me)
No Craft/Art project 
(the kids could make their own valentine box/bag if they wanted)
I'm not even needed to volunteer in the class
(frown face)

Such is the life of a 5th Grader. Time for me to get used to the fact that they are more independent.

Even though it was optional - I think most of the kids will be exchanging Valentines

Here is what we came up with:


(sorry for the bad lighting - had to finish homework and music practice before working on the Valentines)

I was so excited that we made these using things entirely from my Scrap/Craft Stash.


There are dozens of different combinations of Red, White and Pink - as I was using only cardstock I had on hand.

Valentine Mustache Cards

I even had enough Black felt on hand to cut  30+ mustaches (or is it moustache?)

Mustache Poses

and a few extras just for Fun!

I got the idea for these cards from this cute post at The Craft Monkey Blog.

I'm resisting the urge to point out to my (very minimalist) husband how great it was that I had all this stuff on hand to make these cards at the last minute.  I might not want to share just how much I have hidden away.

Little K's lunch was made of everything Pink and Red in honor of this Day of Love

Valentine Lunch

and there will be some sweet treats when she gets home from school.

Peanut Butter Valentine Cookies

Peanut Butter Heart Cups

Easy Peasy - a teaspoon of your favorite peanut butter cookie dough plopped into a mini muffin pan. Bake for 8-10 minutes and as soon as they come out of the oven - push  a Dove chocolate heart into the top so the peanut butter wraps itself around the sweet chocolaty goodness. 

I'm currently cooking dinner for tonight - Crock Pot French Dip.  Served with our favorite Petite Sirah and a Crusty French Roll and maybe a peppery Rocket Side Salad.  That's romantic - right?  

 Have a Wonderful Valentines Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Vignette

Last year I decorated our Mantle for Valentines Day.  You can see it here.

As much as I love the brick fireplace surround - it does not make for a great backdrop - so this year I decided to decorate the Shelves in our Kitchen Nook for {Happy Heart Day} instead.

Paper Flower Heart

I used the same paper flower punch Heart Wreath that I made several years ago.

I love paper crafting, but don't like that they don't hold up very well - it needed a few repairs before being able to be displayed.

Love Bird

This year I incorporated some Black into the usual the Pink and Red color scheme.

The subway art was a free printable
(sorry ~ I can't remember where I got it from)


Candy always makes a great display.

Valentine flowers

Pink Posies

Pink, White and Red flowers on the dark wood kitchen table.  I love the contrast.

Paper Hearts

A new smaller scale garland to string from the shelves.

Heart Garland

Paper Hearts (using leftover papers used in the wreath) simply sewn together with red & white thread. 

It needed a little more black to tie it all together.


So I made these stacking wood blocks.

Leftover bits of 2 X 4 wood, painted, sanded and embellished with words cut with my Cricut.


I made another one while I was at it. This one was supposed to go to my Mum...but it's still sitting on the counter waiting to be mailed. Maybe next year (sorry Mum).

Valentine Vignette

The completed Vignette.

We are almost finished with Little K's Valentine Cards - but I have to wait to share those - don't want to spoil it for any classmates who might be reading.

{Happy Heart Day}

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Life: Week 1 & 2

Even though I haven't been current in posting about my Project Life Pages - I have been pretty current about putting them together.

Here is WEEK ONE:

Week 1

Nothing fancy - pretty much layed out exactly the way this project was designed:

One Title Card
7 Photos
6 Journaling Cards

I take way more vertical photos than horizontal - so this has been a bit of a challenge for me. I have several different page protector formats that include vertical photos - so that helps.

I'm really struggling with journaling in my own handwriting. I'm not a big journaler to begin with - but I know the story is important - as is my own script....but it makes me uncomfortable.

Week 1:  Before and After

So I ended up making some changes. I printed some of my journaling onto the pre-made cards - and replaced one of the slots (the story wasn't that important) with one of the decorative cards. 

I kept 3 of the cards in my own handwriting.

It's a compromise that I'm happy with for now.

Week 1:  Revised


Week 2

Because of the vertical photos (on the last week) I had to put the Title Card on the right hand side. I think it still works.

Week 2

This week included a card sent to Little K from Grandma - and a 6 X 12 insert with a full story about our pet Parrot Baxter.

Week 2:  Insert


Week 2:  Insert


Week 2:  Right

Right side of Week Two spread

Week 2:  Title

I pre-made some title page embellishments to include the Week No. and plan to use them throughout the album to keep some of the look continuous.

That also allows me the freedom to use whatever unique embellishments I want on each weekly spread - without feeling like it's disconnected from the entire album. Although - I have tried to gather enough materials (and keep them together, on hand) so I'm not having to think too much each week.

So far they have gone together fairly quickly - and I'm loving the process. I like being able to add little "bits" like the card, and the apple cider wrapper - as well as a journaling card with one of my husbands favorite quotes - in HIS handwriting.

I'm currently doing some remodeling in my craft space - so it's been hard to keep all my supplies together and accessible - without being spread out all over the house. I'm hoping once my new space is completed - I'll be able to finish up my weekly pages even more quickly. For now - I'm just happy to not be too far behind.