Monday, May 14, 2012

Teachers Appreciation 2012 - Day Five

We saved the biggest gift of all for the Last day of Teachers Appreciation.

A Huge Tower of School Supplies to get the classroom stocked up for the next year.
I wasn't sure how well this idea would work - since it's usually done using colorful boxes of crayons, and glue sticks, and scissors and glue bottles and construction paper.  

In 5th Grade - the most needed supplies are not very exciting.  Things like Note Book Paper, Pencils and Composition Books.  We managed to make it look pretty festive with the addition of ribbons and tissue.

The tower rests on a base of composition books.  

Tier #1 is made of packaged Notebook Paper and Graph Paper wrapped around a large popcorn tin.  A large rubber band holds it all together. 

Three layers of ribbon (in his favorite colors of blue and purple) are tied to cover the rubber band.  

It looked a little plain with the all white paper - so I sewed a paper garland made from various colors and sizes of punched circles - and draped it along the bottom tier.

Tier #2 is made from boxes of colored pencils and white board markers (he specifically requested the purple ones).  They are held around a metal cookie tin with another rubber band and more ribbon covering the band.

A bit of tissue paper fills in any gaps.

Tier #3 nests inside the colored pencil tier.  Boxes of Pencils and more white board markers are wrapped around a paper towel roll and secured with rubber bands and ribbon.

The Topper is a tomato paste can covered in scrapbook paper - and wrapped with ribbon.  It holds more pencils (we had one extra box that wouldn't fit around the paper towel roll), and makes the perfect "accidental" crown for the top of the "cake".

We transported it in layers and simply stacked it once we got to the classroom.  Nothing is glued, so it can be easily disassembled. 

I think it turned out pretty cute, considering there were only 6 different school supplies used:

composition books
note book paper
graph paper
colored pencils
white board pens

It's hard to believe another school year is coming to a close. 

a Big THANK YOU to all the teachers that take special care of our kids.

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.        ~Henry Brooks Adams

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ten on Ten - May 2012

I'm so excited I remembered it was Ten on Ten yesterday.  

I haven't participated is quite a while.  Can't wait to catch up with what everyone has been doing. 

It seems that lately I have been taking more pics with my iPad - so this is my instagram edition of Ten on Ten

Making the hummingbirds happy

 Teachers Appreciation Gift

 Project Life stuff taking over the kitchen table
 School Meeting

 Iced Coffee Break

My favorite new find

Ready for a dip

 Happy Mail

On the Road

Waiting at the studio

See what everyone else did for their Ten on Ten over here.

Have a Happy Weekend 
and a 
Wonderful Mothers Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teachers Appreciation 2012 - Day 4

A week of Teachers Appreciation is coming to a close - but we are not done yet.

Today, the PTA will be providing a lunch buffet for all the staff, so we thought we would supplement that with some snacks for the rest of the day (and weeks to come).

We made a huge jar of "custom blended" Trail Mix.

Added a colorful label to the front

Some bright ribbons (same colors used throughout the week)

and several layered hang tags in different shapes:

"Thanks for leading us down the TRAIL of success"
"we're NUTS about you"
"and a little BANANAS too"

One more day to go. 
 The BEST is yet to come. 
Wait till you see what we have planned for tomorrow. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teachers Appreciation 2012 - Day Three

We were looking for a creative way to give Little K's teacher and assortment of Gift Cards, and came across this clever idea for giving a gift of cash.

 (Photo from Lovezilla)

We decided to modify this great idea to fit our needs.

An empty tissue box was decorated with scrapbook paper 
(again in his favorite colors of blue and purple).  

Each side of the tissue box was covered with a "nose" related saying.

Instead of using cash inside the tissue box - we had something different in mind.  

A pull tab indicates where and what to do.  
Just in case he thought it was a plain old box of snot rags.

Inside were notes from the students saying what they liked best about being in his class this year. 

I printed them up on the computer using a variety of fun fonts, taped them together and accordion folded them to fit inside the tissue box. 

In between the kids notes were Gift Cards from many of his favorite restaurants.
(Thanks to the generous contributions of our families)

and more sweet notes from the kids.

Something about 5th grade humor made the "snot" reference seem perfect.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teachers Appreciation 2012 - Day Two

The Roses and Iris's are in full bloom around here, so many of the Room Parents are asking each of the kids to bring in a single flower from their garden to make a bouquet that the Teachers can enjoy all week during Teachers Appreciation.

Since our teacher is a Man - we decided to do something a little different.

Instead of flowers - we asked each of the kids to bring in a piece of fruit.  

 Little K contributed a crisp red apple - protected from bruising by a sweet crochet Apple Cozy (made by my Mum).

We have a big basket waiting in the classroom to gather all the fruity bounty.  I made a sign using Wordle with all the cheesy fruit sayings I could think of:

ORANGE  you grand
You are a PEACH of a person
You're one in a MELON
You are the top BANANA
You're the BERRY best
You're a GRAPE teacher
Were PLUM crazy about you

and added the teachers name and all the students names.

The basket was spruced up with some ribbons. 

His favorite colors are Blue and Purple - so you will be seeing that color theme repeated all week.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Teachers Appreciation 2012 - Day One

I am so thankful to have had the Most Wonderful Teachers for Little K over the past 8 years (including pre-school and Kindergarden).  Each one of them has helped her become the lovely young girl she is today.

This might be our last year for a Creative Teachers Appreciation, as she is moving on to Middle School next year, and I don't think things are quite as cutise in the upper grades.

Each Day this week we will be paying tribute to Little K's teacher in a different way.

Today - Monday - he was welcomed with a Decorated Door.

There are 5 Room Mom's in Little K's class - so I can't take credit for putting this all together myself.  

We had an idea of what we wanted the "letter" to say - but finding some of the candy bars proved more difficult than we imagined.   

Thank goodness for my Partner in Crafting Crime Jadelyn for running around to dozens of stores finding just the right candy.   

Here is how we used them all:

"We think you are worth 100 GRAND on PAYDAY for going the EXTRA mile to turn us WHATCHAMACALLIT kids into SMARTIES.

We used to act like AIR HEADS and NERDS, but because the learning is GOOD n PLENTY in your class, we have really found our STRIDE.  

You taught us how to CRUNCH numbers and SKOR high on our tests. You are a LIFESAVER and have made learning a JOY.  We would have fallen to PIECES without you.

Thanks for putting up with our SNICKERS.  We appreciate the MOUNDS of knowledge you have given us.  Even if we went into ORBIT and searched the MILKY WAY, we would never find a teacher as GOOD as you!

Your Class of GOOBERS"


My favorite is the salutaion. 
 "from your Goobers" 
hee hee

I also put together a few additional Door Decorations for other Staff Members that sometimes get overlooked during this week. 

our Librarian

our Speach Specialist

our Psychologist

We have lots of Fun Stuff planned.  
I'll be posting more about them each day this week.