Friday, April 16, 2010

Nancy Drew Birthday Party Sweets

Little K and I could not agree on what kind of sweet treats to make for her Nancy Drew Birthday Party.

I wanted to try out some of my fancy new piping tips and make a bunch of different cupcakes. Little K wanted her traditional fondant covered decorated cake (I think she's the only person in the world that actually likes the taste of fondant).

Rather than compromise (because that would be too easy) - I decided to make them both. Which quickly turned into an entire table devoted just to sweet treats.

Cupcakes, Lemon Bars, Tiered Cake and Blondies. Can you say "sugar overload".

Three different jumbo piping tips were used to frost and decorate each tier of cupcakes.

The cupcake toppers were made using clip art designs (footprints, #9 and Nancy herself) punched out with various size circle and scallop punches layered and glued to a popsicle stick.

Because the secret password to gain entry to the party was "Lemon Bar"....we had to make those as well.

The Birthday Cake was a two tier fondant covered mystery batter cake filled with butter cream frosting.

I couldn't find any chocolate fondant, so I added brown paste coloring to white fondant. I would have liked a darker, richer brown color, but it took a lot of coloring just to get it to this yummy shade.

Bands of pink fondant edge each layered tier, accented with lime green butter cream piped dots.

The Mystery Cake Batter is nothing more than vanilla, chocolate and strawberry batter dropped into the baking pan in sections (without mixing together).

The kids were told it was a "mystery" what kind of cake they would get - perfect for a Nancy Drew Mystery Party.

I thought about adding spy glasses, finger prints, footprints and other Nancy Drew images to decorate the cake, but in the end - I think a more simple plaid accent was in keeping with Nancys Classic Style.

As the party guests left - they were given sugar cookies to take with them.

Decorated with butter cream and fondant, and packaged in cellophane bags with a THANK YOU topper.

We had such a great time putting together all the elements of this Nancy Drew Mystery Birthday Party including invitations, decorations, food, the mystery game, and even the perfect Nancy Drew outfit.