Camera and Gear

Part of what makes a beautiful blog for me, are the photos.

Flower Collage

I'm a visual person - that also happens to be a bit wordy.  My first goal is to take a good image that hopefully tells the story (in case you don't have time to read it all).
I might also have something clever and perhaps even witty to say - but not always!

Here's what I use to take my photographs. 



Extras I couldn't live without:

Camera Bag

What good is a camera if you don't have it with you?  So I bought myself a great bag that I take everywhere:

I now shoot all my photos in manual mode (it wasn't always that way as you can see by my early blog posts), and do the editing completely in Picasa.  I work on a very old laptop that doesn't have enough memory to run Photoshop so my options are limited.  Plus, Picasa is FREE so that's good enough for me.  

There are a few more things on my wish list (including taking a photography class) - but for now I'm happy playing around with what I've got.