Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ten on Ten: December 2011

Joining in on Rebekah's monthly Ten on Ten project.

One Photo Every Hour - for Ten Consecutive Hours - on the Tenth of the Month.

Adding my own personal challenge to look for all things White and Wonderful because...

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"

(are you singing along in your head with me)





Father Christmas


Ballet Bodice


Snow Queen

Church Bokeh

Hope you are having a wonderful December so far.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Gratitude Project: November 2011

The Fall Season, Thanksgiving, November all seem a distant memory. What a whirlwind month for us.

It is only the first few days of December - right? We are already into full Christmas Mode at our house. Holiday music playing - trees up and being decorated a little bit every day.

I wanted to share our final recap of the many things we are Grateful for - our November Gratitude Project.

26 Days of Gratitude

I hit a few bumps - and didn't manage to get something posted EACH day - but 26/30 isn't bad.



My creation

1. The Skills and Talents of my Mother, 2. The Crazy Carpool Schedule, 3. Collaboration, 4. Fall Temperatures, 5. Helping Hands, 6. The View from my Kitchen Window, 7. List Making, 8. Time With Friends, 9. Breakfast, 10. Healthy Eating, 11. Time with Family, 12. Entertaining, 13. The Colors of Fall, 14. Amazing Teachers, 15. Modern Medicine, 16. Great Neighborhood, 17. Friends and Friendships, 18. Indoor Sports, 19. Being The Passenger, 20. Our Family of Three, 21. Flannel Sheets, 22. Dedication, 23. Silent Phone, 24. Family

(click on the links to read more about each day)



I hope you all had a wonderful November.