Bento Lunch Gallery

I started packing Bento Style Lunches for my daughter in 2009
 Not necessarily for the reasons you might think 
You can read about it HERE

I've taken pictures of many of her lunches over the years - but not every day 
Some mornings are just too rushed and I don't have time
Other mornings she gets leftovers or a basic PB&J

You can see more Lunch creations in my

Yep - that's Us!
Immortalized in Bento form

Our Little Happy Family


  1. Your sweet lunches are soooo cute! Sharing on facebook! That is a lot of work and love in those lunches.I was surprised you weren't Japanese! Did you go to school for this, or take a class? Or are you just naturally The Lunch Queen?

  2. Hi Heidi,

    I started making Bento Lunches because I thought they were so cute and wanted to send my daughter to school with something special for lunch. You can read more about it in this blog post:

    There are so many great online resources for Bento Ideas. I found some bento artists and began following their work - as well as purchasing a few idea books. It is a creative outlet for me :)