Saturday, September 24, 2011

Special Order Bride and Groom

Do you remember when my friend Deb made these amazing cookies for me?

And how I said how we bartered our services?

Well - now it's time for Me to complete my end of the barter.

Deb is making a Cupcake Tower for a very special client's Wedding this weekend, and asked me to make a Bride and Groom Clothespin Doll Cake Topper (I guess technically it would be a tower topper).

Bride and Groom for Deb - Close Up

The Bride doesn't know anything about it. Debbie is going to surprise her with it as a gift when she delivers the cupcakes to the wedding.

I'm a little nervous - what if the Bride doesn't like it - or doesn't even want a topper? The good news is - my friend Debbie now has the topper in her hot little hands, and is very pleased (so that's all I really should be concerned about).

Bride and Groom for Deb - Groom

Since I wasn't dealing with the bride directly - it presented some challenges on how to get all the details of what the Bride and Groom would be wearing - so I could make them look as personal as possible.

Bride and Groom for Deb - Veil

Debbie is a very clever girl - she had her secret moles planted near the bride that would feed her information daily:

What's he wearing? Will she have a veil? What color are the flowers? How will she style her hair? Will he wear a bow tie? She managed to get all the information I needed.

Bride and Groom for Deb - dress

Including a picture of the bride wearing her tiered lace dress - that no one else has seen, because the bride wanted to keep it a surprise to everyone until the day of the wedding.

I think I was supposed to burn that photo after I was done. Espionage is so thrilling!

Bride and Groom for Deb - Getting Dressed

Even though the dolls undergarments would never be seen (the tux and dress are permanently attached)....I felt compelled to first give them some cute undies.


I had the photo printed and made it into a simple card that I included with the dolls. Hopefully the bride and groom will get a chuckle out of that (and not be offended).

Bride and Groom for Deb

Thanks Debbie for giving me the opportunity to make something for your adorable clients. I can't wait to see how this little topper looks paired with your amazing baked creations.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brown Paper Packages

I think I might like wrapping a gift - almost as much as I like finding the perfect gift for someone.

It's a great opportunity to add another little detail - and make the anticipation of whats inside just that much more exciting. After all - the package is the first thing the recipient will see.

I don't usually use gift bags - for me it's much more fun to actually wrap a package - in beautiful paper - and top it with a great big hand tied bow.

But in this case I decided gift bags were the perfect choice - mostly because I needed quite a few.

I started with just plain brown paper gift bags - and added a variety of embellishments to jazz them up a bit.

Group of Brown Flower Bags

I kept everything in neutral colors of brown, cream, white and linen.

Brown Flower Bag

Each bag had a similar strip of scrapbook paper across the front and a grouping of flowers in the corner.

Brown Flower Bag

They were all just a little different.

Brown Flower Bag

The materials (scrapbook paper, linen fabric, ribbon, buttons, and pre-made twine flowers) were all found at the craft store.

Brown Flower Bag

I used several punches to create the borders and flowers. The larger flowers were hand cut and layered.

Brown Flower Bag

And each one had a matching flower embellished tag.

Brown Flower Bag

Inside I tucked these little gifts - as well as a grouping of postcards that I ordered from moo using some of my Fence photographs.

Postcard Set

All tied up with a pretty ribbon - and tag - and a tiny little button (I heart buttons).

Postcard Set Tag

Brown Flower Bag

If I ever decide I want to go back to work - I would love to be that lady behind the counter at the fancy store that wraps up your purchases and makes them look all pretty. Do they even do that anymore?

For the record - I have been know to neatly place {throw} a last minute birthday gift into a purchased gift bag - because there are some very pretty options - and I don't always have the time to do something different.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten on Ten: September 2011

Playing along with Rebekah's fun Monthly Challenge

I'm way late in posting my Ten on Ten this month
(see below for the reason why)


Morning Coffee on the Treetop Cafe


Little K - Creating Memories


Packing Up (to go to their new owner)


A Peek Outside


Waiting at Ballet


The Drive Home (before we were on the road)


SMASH Book Love






Just Because - I love those kinds of gifts


Diversion - surprise from my Hubby. I got engrossed in getting it all set up I forgot to upload my 10 on 10 pics.

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