Saturday, September 24, 2011

Special Order Bride and Groom

Do you remember when my friend Deb made these amazing cookies for me?

And how I said how we bartered our services?

Well - now it's time for Me to complete my end of the barter.

Deb is making a Cupcake Tower for a very special client's Wedding this weekend, and asked me to make a Bride and Groom Clothespin Doll Cake Topper (I guess technically it would be a tower topper).

Bride and Groom for Deb - Close Up

The Bride doesn't know anything about it. Debbie is going to surprise her with it as a gift when she delivers the cupcakes to the wedding.

I'm a little nervous - what if the Bride doesn't like it - or doesn't even want a topper? The good news is - my friend Debbie now has the topper in her hot little hands, and is very pleased (so that's all I really should be concerned about).

Bride and Groom for Deb - Groom

Since I wasn't dealing with the bride directly - it presented some challenges on how to get all the details of what the Bride and Groom would be wearing - so I could make them look as personal as possible.

Bride and Groom for Deb - Veil

Debbie is a very clever girl - she had her secret moles planted near the bride that would feed her information daily:

What's he wearing? Will she have a veil? What color are the flowers? How will she style her hair? Will he wear a bow tie? She managed to get all the information I needed.

Bride and Groom for Deb - dress

Including a picture of the bride wearing her tiered lace dress - that no one else has seen, because the bride wanted to keep it a surprise to everyone until the day of the wedding.

I think I was supposed to burn that photo after I was done. Espionage is so thrilling!

Bride and Groom for Deb - Getting Dressed

Even though the dolls undergarments would never be seen (the tux and dress are permanently attached)....I felt compelled to first give them some cute undies.


I had the photo printed and made it into a simple card that I included with the dolls. Hopefully the bride and groom will get a chuckle out of that (and not be offended).

Bride and Groom for Deb

Thanks Debbie for giving me the opportunity to make something for your adorable clients. I can't wait to see how this little topper looks paired with your amazing baked creations.


  1. Karina, these are adorable!! What a wonderful special gift for the bride and groom. I love that you were able to find out specific details about what the couple were wearing, sneaky! You are so should be selling these!!

  2. How sweet are these!! What a talented person you are :) Love how you put so much detail in making things beautiful and fun.
    Have a great weekend

  3. I love them! You did an amazing job!

  4. Thank you sooo much Karina! She LOVED them and so do I! THEY ARE PERFECT!

  5. You did a great job! These are adorable :)

  6. I absolutely love these, and I love that you gave them undies. :)

    I love cake toppers, and didn't even think of using them when we got married. Darn it, I wish we had used them. Anyway, I do hope you consider selling these, because they are fabulous.

  7. OMG! I would be so thrilled to have my lookalike self and groom created in miniature atop my wedding cake!!! Especially ones so cute as these! It was great that you got so many details about them and their actual clothing. Making a mini wedding gown sounds SO cool, actually. Congrats!!

  8. These are just precious!!
    I would have loved one sitting on top of my cake....ALL those years ago!:)
    Since a wedding is not in my cards, i see a family for each of us! What do you think?!?!:)
    have a happy day karina

  9. eeeee! These are just the cutest ever! The undies is such a fun, fun, fun touch. You are so creative and talented. How did you get that card made? Did you print it yourself? So cute!