Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Bucket List and my Favorite Fonts

Every Year we make a Family Bucket List.

At the beginning of Summer we are so excited about the possibility of all the Fun things there are to do....and by the end of Summer we are usually disappointed that we didn't do any of them. 

Although there is something to be said for just chilling out, relaxing and doing nothing.
(Note:  need to put more of that on our Bucket List)

Plus - I'm a List Maker - so this project is perfect for me.  It's a big pretty List that is displayed out for the entire family to view.

I used a 8 X 10 white picture frame and added some paper flower embellishments (hot glued) to the corner.

Pink - Orange - Turquoise - Lime Green - they make me Summer Happy!

Our list of Summer activities includes simple every day things we can do without much planning.  Each one is listed in a different happy Summer Color and typed using some of my Favorite Go To Fun FONTS:

Have you seen the great colors that Dry Erase markers come in now?  
Don't forget - they work on Glass too (not just white boards). 

Go ahead and mark up your Summer Fun List.  Check off things once you have done them, Add notes about when you want to do them, Draw pictures, Doodle...

It can all be easily wiped away.  Just be sure to keep the Dry Erase markers separate from the Sharpies (lesson learned the hard way - OOPS). 

First thing on our Summer Fun Agenda....make Fruit Popsicles.  

DONE!  Strawberry Lychee and Pineapple Coconut.  Y-U-M

What's on YOUR Summer Bucket List for this year?