Friday, March 30, 2012

Facebook Timeline

I don't consider myself tech savvy At All.  Until just a few years ago, we had a 15 year old Big TV, No Caller ID and my cell phone pretty much only makes calls (no text or pictures).  

But that's not to say that I don't LIKE technology.  I simply choose to spend my money on other Gadgets.  We all have our vices.

I only joined Facebook 3 years ago - AGES after most of my friends were active.  

I've been hearing and seeing a lot of conversation lately about the new Facebook Timeline.  And how everyone is concerned with the changes, how they don't like the new format, and how there is resentment about being forced to change.

I've even read that Today is the Day that everyone automatically Rolls to the new Timeline format (I wouldn't know, as I voluntarily switched some time ago....because I had to find out what all the talk was).

I am LOVING the new Timeline.  

I think the big giant Cover Photo is so much fun.  It just screams to me to be creative and play around with the photos.

I wanted to share some of the Cover Pages I created.

I don't have any special graphics or editing software.  This was created using Picasa (which is free).

I made this one for my Mom....who was not interested in the new timeline at first, but now she has a beautiful cover photo from one of her trips.  

This was an idea I had for my Bunches and Bits Facebook page....I need to incorporate a caption saying something like "what should I create today".  

There are some people doing some really creative things with their covers.  Just search "funny facebook cover photos" and you will see.

There are lots of online sites that now have templates to create great cover photos.

I also love the whole idea of Facebook being a Timeline.  A single place to record your personal details.  

I'm not one of those people who remember dates, so this is perfect for me.

 I have started recording details (and photos) of major life events.  Like each time we have moved, along with a photo of our home.  

It's amazing how quickly you forget the details.

I love this photo of my Dad and I.  I couldn't tell you where the original digital file is, but I was able to download it (from a previous blog post) and it now sits safely on my Facebook Timeline - along with the date that he passed away.  

Wow, it's been 4 years already.  I would never have guessed that (see I'm not good at remembering dates). 

It will take a while to get things in order on my new Facebook Timeline, but I like that it may help me get more organized.

So go ahead - I encourage you to embrace the new look of Facebook...and all it has to offer.

Change is Good

Monday, March 26, 2012

Rainbow Spa Birthday

Pre-Teen - Tween - Teeny Bopper

Whatever you call it - I've got one.  
Little K turned 11 recently, so I guess there is no denying it.  We are full blown into the Tween Years. 

Her actual birthday was at the beginning of March, but trying to coordinate schedules meant that she wasn't able to have a Party with her school friends until last weekend.

This Years Theme:

Rainbow Spa Sleepover

Here is the invitation that I showed off earlier:

Made from Paint Chips (with very little help from me).

The SPA table was set up in the Kitchen Nook, so I used the buffet to layout snacks and sweets.

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

There had to be some healthy options as well...after all it is a Spa Party.  Rainbow Veggie Tray.

I wanted to make paper cones to hold the caramel corn, but couldn't find any paper that was cute enough, so instead I folded Rainbow Polka Dot tissue paper into a clear cup.

Gum Balls (that I thought would be just for decoration....but they ate nearly half the jar), and Rainbow Twizzlers in fun fruit flavors.

Cake Pops decorated with Rainbow Colored sugar and drizzle.

 Jars of flowers lined the center of the Spa Table.  Paper Zig Zag Streamers and a Rainbow Balloon Swag that was planned to hang over the front door, but it was wet and windy and I was afraid they would PoP so we moved it inside.

There were 7 girls that attended and each one of them was assigned one of the 7 Colors
(notice how the Tween Girl Rainbow includes Pink)

At the Spa Table there was a basket of beauty supplies, and a Robe for each of the girls in their Color.  The Rainbow Rugs (from the seasonal bins at Target) were too cute to pass up.   

 They applied home made beauty treatments including:

Warm Lemon and Mint infused Towels (to open up the pores)
Oatmeal Scrub (to cleanse)
Strawberry Astringent (to tighten the pores)

And Lastly - an Avocado Mask with Cucumber Slices (to hydrate and moisturize).

Don't they look so Relaxed and Happy?

Everything was going great - until we discovered one of the young ladies was allergic to Avocado!


It was a bit scary - but after we removed the avocado and let her rest with a clean cool towel over her face - the hives cleared up and the itching stopped. 

Thankfully her mom came right over with some Benadryl and she was able to get back to the Party Fun. 

They made some Jewelery.  Painted their Nails. Played Truth or Dare. Talked - Whispered - Giggled. Watched a Movie and got a few hours sleep.

I premade some Body Scrubs using essential oils and Sea Salt for each of the guests to take home. 

Her Cake was layers of vanilla frosted with plain white buttercream.  

Adorned with a sweet  Rainbow Flag Topper.

I'm kind of obsessed with these little flags.  I though they were so cute - it was the only decoration the cake needed.

Except for the "11" candles.

Did I forget to mention I added a little color to the inside of the cake.
Rainbow - of course!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Little K.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Project Life: Week 4 & 5

I've been having so much fun putting together our weekly Project Life pages. 

I usually spend a few hours on Sunday making most of the layout decisions and then throughout the week I finish my journal cards and embelish (if I have time).

I'm happy to say - I am pretty current (in real life).  I've just been delinquent on the Blog posting pics.

So let's try and catch up.


Depending on how much time I have to spend on the layout - some weeks have more embellishments than others.

Bakers Twine and buttons tend to show up a lot.  They are quick and easy and add just enough texture without being too bulky.

I'm finding out what my "go to" things are with this process.  Even though I have lots of stuff pulled together in my Project Life Center - I seem to gravitate to my favorites.  

At first that concerned me - but now I realize it will make the book look cohesive, and I guess I'm discovering my own Project Life Style.

I currently only have a few rolls of Washi Tape - but I love how easy and versatile they I'm hoping to get more.  Not only to coordinate with the PL colors...but just for fun.  Little K has discovered how great they are - so time to expand our assortment.  


This week I broke out the stamps.  I've been seeing all the great journaling cards people are making, and I've got a pile of stamps that I think would work great, but I can't seem to find the time to "get ahead" and pre-stamp any.  So for now - I'm Stamping as I Go.

I particularly love this little bird cage. 

And it works great with all the outdoor photos from this week. 

Another flower stamp (keeping with the outdoor nature theme)  added to a journaling card that I printed on my computer.

I'm coming to terms with including my handwriting on the journaling cards.  If I had my choice - I would print them all using my favorite fonts, but each week, I'm pushing to include close to half of the journaling in my own (or a family members) personal handwriting.  
I know I'll be glad, later on, that I did. 

I love the idea of including mementos in this project, but I'm a bit afraid of how bulky the album could get. 

 I couldn't resist tucking in some beads from a Mardi Gras Dinner that we attended.  I will probably need to sew the pocket shut to keep them contained (it's taped for now). 

If you are on "instagram" I tend to be more current posting pics there.  If you want to follow along, you can find me as "Karina Minteer"

Monday, March 5, 2012

Assorted Birthday Bits

Yesterday was Little K's 11th Birthday.
How does that happen - our kids keep getting older, and yet we keep getting younger?

I would love to share pictures of our wonderful day together...

BUT I picked up my camera - the strap caught on the drawer and the entire thing went crashing down to the tile floor.

This is what's left of my favorite lens. 
Weep - Sigh - SOB
(I'll be researching camera repair options later on today)

Back to the regularly schedule Birthday Celebrations.
 Last week we made treats to share with her Ballet Buds at the dance studio.

I'm not sure what to call them:

Cake Push Pops
Cake Shooters
Push Ups

I love the idea of them being Self Contained, Easy to Transport and No Mess to eat.  

Not to mention Super Cute.

They were so easy to make.  I baked the cake in 3 square pans in order to get thin layers.  Then used a round cutter to make mini rounds of cake and stacked them into the push pop alternating with layers of frosting.

A few sprinkles on top and the domed lid keeps everything in place.  I printed Happy Birthday labels onto sticker paper, and punched them out using my favorite round scallop punch.  

There are lots of sites that sell the containers including etsy.   I got mine through Amazon:  The Push Pop Containers here and the Acrylic Stand here

Today at School - Little K celebrated with her Classmates by bringing in a Doughnut Cake.

I think we've made this same treat every year since First Grade.  It started because they were not allowed to bring in Home Made food at her last school - so a trip to Krispy Kreme solved the problem.

There have been a few years when there were no Krispy Kreme Doughnut shops around, so we had to substitute.  I'm happy to say we have access to one again - although it is almost 30 minutes away - it's so worth it to get the soft and warm glazed goodness.  

Little K is having a party at home with some of her friends in a few weeks.  She in charge of all the planning - and lets me know what I can do to help.  

At the moment - it's a Rainbow Spa Themed Sleepover Party.

The invitations have been mailed.

Little K made them herself (I was allowed to help by peeling the words of the cricut sticky mat). 

She saw an adorable Framed Art Piece (in the March issue of Paper Crafts Magazine) designed by Stephanie Halinski and used the idea to create her invitations.  

Yep - those are Paint Chips.  I wonder how long it will be before the paint stores start charging for those little strips of color inspiration?  Have  you seen all the great things people are making from paint chips?

Hopefully I'll have my camera back and working again before her big party.  

Stay Tuned.  More to Come.