Monday, March 5, 2012

Assorted Birthday Bits

Yesterday was Little K's 11th Birthday.
How does that happen - our kids keep getting older, and yet we keep getting younger?

I would love to share pictures of our wonderful day together...

BUT I picked up my camera - the strap caught on the drawer and the entire thing went crashing down to the tile floor.

This is what's left of my favorite lens. 
Weep - Sigh - SOB
(I'll be researching camera repair options later on today)

Back to the regularly schedule Birthday Celebrations.
 Last week we made treats to share with her Ballet Buds at the dance studio.

I'm not sure what to call them:

Cake Push Pops
Cake Shooters
Push Ups

I love the idea of them being Self Contained, Easy to Transport and No Mess to eat.  

Not to mention Super Cute.

They were so easy to make.  I baked the cake in 3 square pans in order to get thin layers.  Then used a round cutter to make mini rounds of cake and stacked them into the push pop alternating with layers of frosting.

A few sprinkles on top and the domed lid keeps everything in place.  I printed Happy Birthday labels onto sticker paper, and punched them out using my favorite round scallop punch.  

There are lots of sites that sell the containers including etsy.   I got mine through Amazon:  The Push Pop Containers here and the Acrylic Stand here

Today at School - Little K celebrated with her Classmates by bringing in a Doughnut Cake.

I think we've made this same treat every year since First Grade.  It started because they were not allowed to bring in Home Made food at her last school - so a trip to Krispy Kreme solved the problem.

There have been a few years when there were no Krispy Kreme Doughnut shops around, so we had to substitute.  I'm happy to say we have access to one again - although it is almost 30 minutes away - it's so worth it to get the soft and warm glazed goodness.  

Little K is having a party at home with some of her friends in a few weeks.  She in charge of all the planning - and lets me know what I can do to help.  

At the moment - it's a Rainbow Spa Themed Sleepover Party.

The invitations have been mailed.

Little K made them herself (I was allowed to help by peeling the words of the cricut sticky mat). 

She saw an adorable Framed Art Piece (in the March issue of Paper Crafts Magazine) designed by Stephanie Halinski and used the idea to create her invitations.  

Yep - those are Paint Chips.  I wonder how long it will be before the paint stores start charging for those little strips of color inspiration?  Have  you seen all the great things people are making from paint chips?

Hopefully I'll have my camera back and working again before her big party.  

Stay Tuned.  More to Come.


  1. LOVE everything here, except the broken lens. I actually gasped! So sorry about that.

    I love the push pops. Those are adorable. I also have always wanted to do the donuts like that. So cute! Those invitations are amazing. Love those too.

    Happy Birthday K! :)

  2. So sorry to hear about your lens....that stinks! Hope you can get it repaired.
    LOVE the push pops! The whole time I was reading I was hoping you would say where you purchased them from! I cannot wait to get me some of these! Yours turned out fabulous as usual! LOVE the invitations! When I took paint chips from Walmart for Valentine bookmarks I felt like I was committing a crime. Not a good feeling! Thank goodness my son wasn't with me...he would have never allowed me to swipe those things!
    Happy Birthday Kendall!

  3. So sorry to hear about your lens! However those cupcakes are super cute!! My oldest turns 11 in May and has been asking for another sleepover party although I haven't confirmed that notion yet, lol ;-)
    Cute invitations too! Have a great week!


  4. Saw this post awhile ago and thought i commented....oh well!:)
    so sorry about your lens.:(
    everything turned out so beautiful for kendall's big day. i am in love with her invitations!!! how creative and so colorful and bright. i agree with kerri, anytime i "borrow" those little things i feel so guilty!:) i may have to get over it though and quick!!
    thanks for sharing these beautiful ideas
    have a happy day karina

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  6. Hy ! Thanks to pinterest I was delighted to see these cute and creative cards ! My daughter turns 4 on the 27th october this year and I wanted to create these. I had to think and find a solution to a very french problem : they don't give paint chips away free ! They sale them and it's pricy ! They sale a whole "nuancier" as we say here so we have only one paint chip of each color. So I took my computer, a little time on open office drawer and created my own pages of colors. Then Guillotine and voilà ! It was done ;)
    I was mostly amazed by your "you're invited" How did you do that ??? I had 10 cards to do but couldn't get me to cut these out with my own hands. Do you have a machine ? Witch one ? Thank you.
    Best regards.

    1. I used a Cricut Die cut machine to cut the "your're invited" sentiments. You had a very creative idea to make your own Paint Chips. Have fun with your project. Thanks