Monday, March 26, 2012

Rainbow Spa Birthday

Pre-Teen - Tween - Teeny Bopper

Whatever you call it - I've got one.  
Little K turned 11 recently, so I guess there is no denying it.  We are full blown into the Tween Years. 

Her actual birthday was at the beginning of March, but trying to coordinate schedules meant that she wasn't able to have a Party with her school friends until last weekend.

This Years Theme:

Rainbow Spa Sleepover

Here is the invitation that I showed off earlier:

Made from Paint Chips (with very little help from me).

The SPA table was set up in the Kitchen Nook, so I used the buffet to layout snacks and sweets.

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

There had to be some healthy options as well...after all it is a Spa Party.  Rainbow Veggie Tray.

I wanted to make paper cones to hold the caramel corn, but couldn't find any paper that was cute enough, so instead I folded Rainbow Polka Dot tissue paper into a clear cup.

Gum Balls (that I thought would be just for decoration....but they ate nearly half the jar), and Rainbow Twizzlers in fun fruit flavors.

Cake Pops decorated with Rainbow Colored sugar and drizzle.

 Jars of flowers lined the center of the Spa Table.  Paper Zig Zag Streamers and a Rainbow Balloon Swag that was planned to hang over the front door, but it was wet and windy and I was afraid they would PoP so we moved it inside.

There were 7 girls that attended and each one of them was assigned one of the 7 Colors
(notice how the Tween Girl Rainbow includes Pink)

At the Spa Table there was a basket of beauty supplies, and a Robe for each of the girls in their Color.  The Rainbow Rugs (from the seasonal bins at Target) were too cute to pass up.   

 They applied home made beauty treatments including:

Warm Lemon and Mint infused Towels (to open up the pores)
Oatmeal Scrub (to cleanse)
Strawberry Astringent (to tighten the pores)

And Lastly - an Avocado Mask with Cucumber Slices (to hydrate and moisturize).

Don't they look so Relaxed and Happy?

Everything was going great - until we discovered one of the young ladies was allergic to Avocado!


It was a bit scary - but after we removed the avocado and let her rest with a clean cool towel over her face - the hives cleared up and the itching stopped. 

Thankfully her mom came right over with some Benadryl and she was able to get back to the Party Fun. 

They made some Jewelery.  Painted their Nails. Played Truth or Dare. Talked - Whispered - Giggled. Watched a Movie and got a few hours sleep.

I premade some Body Scrubs using essential oils and Sea Salt for each of the guests to take home. 

Her Cake was layers of vanilla frosted with plain white buttercream.  

Adorned with a sweet  Rainbow Flag Topper.

I'm kind of obsessed with these little flags.  I though they were so cute - it was the only decoration the cake needed.

Except for the "11" candles.

Did I forget to mention I added a little color to the inside of the cake.
Rainbow - of course!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Little K.


  1. Absolutely the MOST ADORABLE party ever!!! I'm afraid to throw a party now....You set the bar way too high! It was awesome!!

  2. So adorable! I bet they all a blast even the poor little girl allergic to avocados :)

  3. you could very well have me feeling like a loser mom, but i'm fighting it ; ) this is so awesome, all of it. the rainbow of balloons, the decorations, the cake... all of it. love it all. you really should have been an event planner, ya know. i am curious where you got the jewelery making supplies? happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  4. Girl, you did not leave out a single detail in this awesome party! Everything looks amazing. So much I love...the cake, the table, the body scrub, the cake balls, invitation....I bet the girls had a blast making the jewelry and being all girly! Way to go put some TIME into this...I'm sure it's a party that little k will always remember!

  5. Seriously this is the cutest. Eek I love color. I don't have a girl so I have to drool over your party ideas for a daughter. My son might not like rainbows vs his super hero stuff. Looks fab. So gald I found your blog off of Instagram. =)

  6. Oh. My. Heavens!!! Serioulsy the sweetest, most colorful party i have ever seen. I better not let my almost 10 year old near the computer....!:)
    i love every single colorful detail right down to the rainbow floor mats! where oh where did you find those?? those were some lucky, lucky girls, (even the one with the allergy!!)
    have a happy day karina

  7. you.are.amazing. simple as that. you NEED to do parties for a living. every little bit here is perfection. Little K is a very lucky little tween.

  8. I was inspired by this invitation card. I found it on Pinterest. I made a similar card and have added link to your blog. Thanks for the inspiration.Great sleepover theme. Hugs Nina

  9. Such a great party! Love the invitations and the cake, you have such great ideas :)

  10. What an amazingly colourful party! Despite all the colour going on you still manage to make it look very mature!

  11. Love the invitations, I'm doing something similar. What font did you use? I am new to cricut and trying to find the best fonts for cutting. Thanks!!! Great party ideas.