Monday, February 24, 2014

Project Life: Week 6

All of the cards for this weeks layout are from the New Becky Higgins Themed Cards Planner pack.

The bright colors make me happy.  This pack has design details including push pins and paper clips (since it's Planner themed) - but it's also just a sweet combination of happy elements that seem to work with many of my photos.  My favorite are the cloud cards.  

Close Up of the Left Hand Page.  All the journaling was by hand this week.  I usually like to include mostly printed journal cards (since I'm not a big fan of my handwriting), but that takes a little more time.  Writing by hand was the best choice this week.  

I don't like when I have to use a vertical Title Card. Not sure why I'm stuck on the Title always being in that upper left place.  I've seen plenty of layouts that look great with different title card placements - something about me needs some consistency throughout the album.  Especially since I'm not using one single core kit for the entire year.  

I made the calendar card using the Free - fully customizable tools at this cool site = Time and Date .  Since I do my weeks beginning on Monday - it's often hard to find an annual calendar set up the way I like.  I even made my own weekly check sheet using their tools.  

Some of the embellishments are from the Studio Calico January PL Kit, like the green star clip.  

I love to include memorabilia in our Project Life albums, but try to limit them to small/thin things.  After my first year where I included everything from food packets to pencils, I've learned to keep it simple so the albums don't "explode".  Ticket Stubs are a perfect simple addition. 

Close Up of the Right Hand Side.  

Don't freak out over the picture of my Mum's Eye.  It's showing the stitches from her recent Cornea Transplant (look close in the outside corner of her iris and you can see them).  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Project Life : Week 5

Keeping it Current.  I've had this week completed for awhile, but just not posted.

All of the cards and embellishments (I only used a few) are from the Studio Calico Project Life monthly subscription kit. 

LOVE these cute "location" shaped numbers.  

Close Up of the Left Hand Side.  Weather has been a big thing around these parts (we are experiencing a terrible drought so even a few rain drops is Project Life worthy). 

Remember when I talked about using that cool Flip Pocket last week?  And how I should have adhered it to a picture instead of to the pocket (you can read about it here).

This is what I mean (see up there by the yellow arrow).  Even though the added flip pocket is transparent - you can still see where it is attached.  If I was thinking ahead - I would have attached last weeks flip pocket to the back of this weeks picture.  

Close Up of the Right Hand Side.

It was a busy week.  I included 2 inserts.  Each one was 6 X 12.  I was able to keep the color theme of Blue and Orange throughout the inserts as well (that was a total accident). 

Each insert has a little punched tab attached to the pocket page protector.

The second insert - also 6 X 12 was a pocketed insert.  I love it when the colors come together.  

Getting ready to post about Week 6. 
Moving right along - how about you?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Foxy Valentine

A friend asked me if I had any ideas for a cute Fox inspired Valentine.  

The truth is, I was kind of begging for someone to ask me for help, since little K and I no longer make class valentines (Elementary School parties were the best).

I came up with this Pink Foxy Valentine Treat Bag.

It is made from cardstock cut out pieces (I used several colors of pink plus white), and a poly bag secured inside to hold a sweet treat.

She has a dimensional tail attached to back, a pretty pink bow by her ear, and black sparkle beady little eyes.

We filled her belly with marshmallows.

You can download the FREE Foxy Valentine pattern here

I would love to see your version of this Foxy Valentine, so be sure to share in the comments below.   

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten on Ten: February

I'm happy to be playing along at a Bit of Sunshine for the Ten on Ten this month. 
It's been too long.  

My first time using phone pics only (the big camera is a little sad) but it was a busy day on the go and too hard to lug the DSL around. 

- Blueish skies after days of much needed rain - 

 - No School today so we made a trip to the donut shop for the sleepover girls - 

 - Fabric shopping. Didn't get these cuties but wish I did. Working on a different kind of project - 

 - Stop at the mailbox revealed more than just spring blooms - 

 - Is it bad that we purchased a painting just for inspiration for her Birthday Party? -

 - My daily commute to Little K's Ballet Class -  

 - Cotton Candy Frappe Bliss -  

 - The drive home - 

I'm sorry to say (in case you are counting) I didn't manage to get all 10 shots.  I'm a little rusty.  Hoping to do better next time.

How was your day?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Year In Song

I am participating in a Weekly Photo Challenge Group at The Photographer Within this year.  

The Challenge is to take a photo every week prompted by the Lyrics of a Song. 
 (The song prompts are chosen by TPW team) 

WEEK 1/52
"Turn the clock to zero, honey.  We're starting up a brand new day."  
~ Sting

WEEK 2/52
"And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for awhile."  
~ Bruno Mars

WEEK 3/52
"it's like you're my mirror, my mirror staring back at me."
~ Justin Timberlake

WEEK 4/52
"Black as night, black as coal."
~ The Rolling Stones

WEEK 5/52
"I live for the applause."
~ Lady Gaga

I love the idea of spending more time with my camera again, but the members/participants of this group are hard core professional photogs - so it's pretty intimidating.  

Trying to remind myself:
"the only photographer I need to compare myself to is the  one I was yesterday". 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Project Life: Week 4

I feel like I am getting into a groove.  I'm finding a routine that works for me.  My goal is to be done and posted/blogged by Wednesday, even though I haven't made that schedule yet.

I think my downfall is that I'm not scheduling enough time on Mondays to work on Project Life.  I need to re-allocate time on my calendar.

The cards used this week were again from the Project Life Seafoam Core Kit and Studio Calico January Project Life Kit.

I am a big fan of Green and Orange (not just at Halloween time) so the colors in this layout make me happy. 

Left Hand Side of the Page.


Right Hand Side of the Page. 


Title Card using letter and number stickers, washi tape and jillibean soup labels.


I made a Flip Up Pocket showing several different views of an afternoon Shopping Trip with Little K. 

You can incorporate 3 different photos (or journaling) in the same space.

I made a "lift" tab from washi tape that I thought would show what to do.  My husband nearly tore the flap off as he tried to "pull"  the picture flap.  I'll be adding the words "lift" to that little washi tape tab.    

It's a great way to show the progression of a single event without taking up too many spots in your week.  

I first saw this idea from Barbara on Instagram.  She also did a tutorial on her blog.  

They are made using these clear adhesive backed flip pockets.  I should have thought thought it through a bit more before I stuck the flip pocket to the back of the page protector pocket.  It works great for this week, but in that spot next week (on the back side) you will be able to see the adhesive. 

Next time I'll get it right.  

I had some fun modifying one of the Seafoam 3 X 4 cards.  

The original card says "Remember This". 

I punched out just the word "this" and added some stickers to complete the phrase I wanted for this picture.  

I also used it on a picture of my husband.  I cut away the rest of the card and left a strip beneath the word "this" and again added my own phrase with stickers and embellishments.
(oops, looks like my picture is slipping out of the pocket - Hate when that Happens)

I wonder if this would be considered a Project Life Hack?