Monday, February 24, 2014

Project Life: Week 6

All of the cards for this weeks layout are from the New Becky Higgins Themed Cards Planner pack.

The bright colors make me happy.  This pack has design details including push pins and paper clips (since it's Planner themed) - but it's also just a sweet combination of happy elements that seem to work with many of my photos.  My favorite are the cloud cards.  

Close Up of the Left Hand Page.  All the journaling was by hand this week.  I usually like to include mostly printed journal cards (since I'm not a big fan of my handwriting), but that takes a little more time.  Writing by hand was the best choice this week.  

I don't like when I have to use a vertical Title Card. Not sure why I'm stuck on the Title always being in that upper left place.  I've seen plenty of layouts that look great with different title card placements - something about me needs some consistency throughout the album.  Especially since I'm not using one single core kit for the entire year.  

I made the calendar card using the Free - fully customizable tools at this cool site = Time and Date .  Since I do my weeks beginning on Monday - it's often hard to find an annual calendar set up the way I like.  I even made my own weekly check sheet using their tools.  

Some of the embellishments are from the Studio Calico January PL Kit, like the green star clip.  

I love to include memorabilia in our Project Life albums, but try to limit them to small/thin things.  After my first year where I included everything from food packets to pencils, I've learned to keep it simple so the albums don't "explode".  Ticket Stubs are a perfect simple addition. 

Close Up of the Right Hand Side.  

Don't freak out over the picture of my Mum's Eye.  It's showing the stitches from her recent Cornea Transplant (look close in the outside corner of her iris and you can see them).  


  1. Your title card is so much fun! Love your pages!

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