Monday, September 13, 2010

Apartment Living

While we transitioned from our home in Arizona to where we are moving to in California, Little K and I spent nearly a month living in an apartment. Not actually an apartment, but one of those Extended Stay Hotels designed for temporary living.

It sounds like fun. A Furnished 2 Room suite with a kitchenette. Weekly Maid service. No yard work.


Our room was a pretty good size. Separate Bedroom. Sleeper Sofa. Furnished Kitchen. Private Bath. It reminded me of my Apartment in College. I remember having plenty of room to spread out back then.

This is going to be great - Right?

Much to my surprise - things have changed just a bit in the 20 (or so) years since I was in College. Now there is not only Me, but also Little K - and sweet Hubby who returns home on the weekends.

Add to that - the houseplants we'll be bringing with us to our new home. And the flammable items and paint that the movers wouldn't take. Painting and cleaning supplies to be used at the new house while our goods are in storage. Items to keep a 9 year old little girl occupied during the summer - and all the paperwork and important documents needed for the purchase and close of our old and new homes.

Oh yeah - and Pets. Did I mention 3 very needy pets that are not happy about having their living spaces downsized.

OK - so maybe it's not quite the adventure I expected. But it certainly is an adventure to remember.


The good news is - climbing up 3 flights of stairs several times a day, often with heavy groceries, has built up my calf muscles.


And the neighbor living next door is a fantastic cook. I can smell wonderful breakfast and dinner aromas wafting through the hall. I have to find out how they are doing all that cooking with just a microwave and a hot plate. Maybe they will invite us over for dinner.


With only 4 bowls (and one of them being used as the kitty's water dish), it doesn't take long to run out of dishes to use for breakfast cereal. In a pinch - the measuring cup will do just fine. Little K thought that was pretty fun.

hot tub

It's also a great opportunity to have friends over and say our goodbye's. Always fun to have a jumbo Pool and Hot Tub in your backyard.


2 little monkey's jumping on the bed would never be allowed at home. But in the hotel - why not?


Having sleepovers - staying up late watching TV - reading teen magazines. It's all good.


Storage space is a little tight. Especially in the bathroom with two girls and all our "products". We resorted to using the kitchen drawers. Luckily - they are still within easy reach.


There's even an on site Pantry with drinks, frozen meals and fresh fruit. Much better than resorting to dinner out of a vending machine.


I'm pretty sure I could buy these things at the grocery store for less than half the price they charge, but sometimes convenience is worth the price.


Best of all. Huge Washers and Dryers. I can get all the laundry done at once.

Yes - this is indeed better than my first Apartment.


After the first week - even high strung Peanut Butter the cat settled in and relaxed. She's feeling quite at home on my bed.

We are now out of temporary living in Arizona and all moved in to our new home in California. It was a great option for us during the moving transition - but maybe just a few weeks too long.

I've been keeping busy - unpacking, organizing and making our new house feel like our Home. Can't wait to share it all with you.