Monday, May 7, 2012

Teachers Appreciation 2012 - Day One

I am so thankful to have had the Most Wonderful Teachers for Little K over the past 8 years (including pre-school and Kindergarden).  Each one of them has helped her become the lovely young girl she is today.

This might be our last year for a Creative Teachers Appreciation, as she is moving on to Middle School next year, and I don't think things are quite as cutise in the upper grades.

Each Day this week we will be paying tribute to Little K's teacher in a different way.

Today - Monday - he was welcomed with a Decorated Door.

There are 5 Room Mom's in Little K's class - so I can't take credit for putting this all together myself.  

We had an idea of what we wanted the "letter" to say - but finding some of the candy bars proved more difficult than we imagined.   

Thank goodness for my Partner in Crafting Crime Jadelyn for running around to dozens of stores finding just the right candy.   

Here is how we used them all:

"We think you are worth 100 GRAND on PAYDAY for going the EXTRA mile to turn us WHATCHAMACALLIT kids into SMARTIES.

We used to act like AIR HEADS and NERDS, but because the learning is GOOD n PLENTY in your class, we have really found our STRIDE.  

You taught us how to CRUNCH numbers and SKOR high on our tests. You are a LIFESAVER and have made learning a JOY.  We would have fallen to PIECES without you.

Thanks for putting up with our SNICKERS.  We appreciate the MOUNDS of knowledge you have given us.  Even if we went into ORBIT and searched the MILKY WAY, we would never find a teacher as GOOD as you!

Your Class of GOOBERS"


My favorite is the salutaion. 
 "from your Goobers" 
hee hee

I also put together a few additional Door Decorations for other Staff Members that sometimes get overlooked during this week. 

our Librarian

our Speach Specialist

our Psychologist

We have lots of Fun Stuff planned.  
I'll be posting more about them each day this week.   



  1. Love the letter to Mr Mac. What a creative idea. I am sure Kendall's teacher got a real laugh out of it!

  2. These are AWESOME! You are so creative!!!

  3. Fun fun fun doors! I wish they did this at our school. I love the door with all the candy bars, so much fun!

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  5. What did you use to hold the candy on the paper? I know some of that candy is heavy so just curious what you used and how well it held?