Friday, April 6, 2012

Decorated for Easter

I don't think we put out any Easter Decor last year.  Not quite sure why - because I love all the sweet pastel colors that come with Easter and Spring.

I really enjoy putting together a different seasonal display for the shelves in the Kitchen Nook.  

Remember when we made the Paper Banner for Halloween?

The same ideas works great for Easter as well.

Chick - Carrot - Bunny and Easter Eggs - all made from cut and punched paper shapes.

I think the bunny needs fatter ears - it's looking a bit like a Pig - but not bad for the first attempt.

The polka dot bowls are from the dollar bin at Target and I made the word art using Wordle.

I found the ceramic bunnies at Dollar Tree several years ago.  

I've wanted to display pretty cupcake liners in a jar on my Kitchen counter (like my bloggie friend Cindy did here) but the colors don't work with my everyday decor.  But they look great as part of an Easter and Spring decor.  

It's not Easter without marshmallow Peeps (or in this case bunnies)

I fell in love with these paper chicks and lamb.  They look like they are covered in tiny paper flowers.  So Sweet.  

The full view of the shelves in our Kitchen Nook.

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Easter Weekend. 


  1. I love your decor. It's always so pretty. You are very talented. The colors here are so bright and fun. I especially love the bunnies you got at Dollar Tree, the Peeps, and the cupcake liners in the glass jar.

    Happy Easter!

  2. It looks fabulous, Karina. I especially love the carrot in your banner, too cute. And love the peeps in jars!! That way they can't run away from you when you try to eat them.

  3. Your decor looks super cute! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


  4. Hi Karina!!!
    how sweet are all those decorations. The versatility of those kitchen shelves is just blowing my mind. (they are still high on my honey do list ya know!) the banner is so sweet and we have some of those little chicks too, love 'em! and you jar of cupcake liners looks awesome. glad you found a place to fit that happy little jar of love in.:)
    have a happy day karina

    when we were in MD for Easter, i showed my neice your daughters spa party...i think their may be a rainbow celebration in her furture!!!:)

  5. SOOO cute! Especially the lamb and chicks.