Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teachers Appreciation 2012 - Day 4

A week of Teachers Appreciation is coming to a close - but we are not done yet.

Today, the PTA will be providing a lunch buffet for all the staff, so we thought we would supplement that with some snacks for the rest of the day (and weeks to come).

We made a huge jar of "custom blended" Trail Mix.

Added a colorful label to the front

Some bright ribbons (same colors used throughout the week)

and several layered hang tags in different shapes:

"Thanks for leading us down the TRAIL of success"
"we're NUTS about you"
"and a little BANANAS too"

One more day to go. 
 The BEST is yet to come. 
Wait till you see what we have planned for tomorrow. 


  1. These are so very cute. You are giving me great ideas for the future for Boyd's teachers. I love all of your crafts and gifts and goodies. Everything you make is done so wonderfully!

  2. LOVE this and can't wait to see your post tomorrow!
    That Mr. Mac is a lucky guy!

  3. I love this! All that tied ribbon on the lid of the jar is fabulous!!

  4. Oh, that is a perfect gift!
    Maybe I can still get it together by the end of the year?!?!:)
    have a happy day karina