Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Life: Week 1 & 2

Even though I haven't been current in posting about my Project Life Pages - I have been pretty current about putting them together.

Here is WEEK ONE:

Week 1

Nothing fancy - pretty much layed out exactly the way this project was designed:

One Title Card
7 Photos
6 Journaling Cards

I take way more vertical photos than horizontal - so this has been a bit of a challenge for me. I have several different page protector formats that include vertical photos - so that helps.

I'm really struggling with journaling in my own handwriting. I'm not a big journaler to begin with - but I know the story is important - as is my own script....but it makes me uncomfortable.

Week 1:  Before and After

So I ended up making some changes. I printed some of my journaling onto the pre-made cards - and replaced one of the slots (the story wasn't that important) with one of the decorative cards. 

I kept 3 of the cards in my own handwriting.

It's a compromise that I'm happy with for now.

Week 1:  Revised


Week 2

Because of the vertical photos (on the last week) I had to put the Title Card on the right hand side. I think it still works.

Week 2

This week included a card sent to Little K from Grandma - and a 6 X 12 insert with a full story about our pet Parrot Baxter.

Week 2:  Insert


Week 2:  Insert


Week 2:  Right

Right side of Week Two spread

Week 2:  Title

I pre-made some title page embellishments to include the Week No. and plan to use them throughout the album to keep some of the look continuous.

That also allows me the freedom to use whatever unique embellishments I want on each weekly spread - without feeling like it's disconnected from the entire album. Although - I have tried to gather enough materials (and keep them together, on hand) so I'm not having to think too much each week.

So far they have gone together fairly quickly - and I'm loving the process. I like being able to add little "bits" like the card, and the apple cider wrapper - as well as a journaling card with one of my husbands favorite quotes - in HIS handwriting.

I'm currently doing some remodeling in my craft space - so it's been hard to keep all my supplies together and accessible - without being spread out all over the house. I'm hoping once my new space is completed - I'll be able to finish up my weekly pages even more quickly. For now - I'm just happy to not be too far behind.


  1. You are so creative! This book is looking so adorable and how fun it is going to be to look back at it at the end of 2012.

  2. You amaze me...this is so beautiful and creative. I don't think I could sit and do this at all. My mind can't be still for that long. :) I think your handwriting is lovely by the way. The pictures and story about your bird made me smile. What a great addition to your book. LOVE this!

  3. It looks great Karina! I love that you are keeping up with it. My Project Life stuff is sitting on my bedroom floor. I need to get it out and start using it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Oh my word! Your book rocks! It's so pretty and creative...and your handwriting is lovely. I have to say...you have the best project life book I've seen so far! Btw, I love that alpine hot cider too!

  5. This is really turning out great! Have you linked up to Becky Higgens site? I bet she'd love to feature you on her blog. I stopped working on my book last April when my brother in law died. I got as far as his page and I've been frozen. Hopefully I can get back to it soon, this is certainly inspiring. Have a great week!