Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Vignette

Last year I decorated our Mantle for Valentines Day.  You can see it here.

As much as I love the brick fireplace surround - it does not make for a great backdrop - so this year I decided to decorate the Shelves in our Kitchen Nook for {Happy Heart Day} instead.

Paper Flower Heart

I used the same paper flower punch Heart Wreath that I made several years ago.

I love paper crafting, but don't like that they don't hold up very well - it needed a few repairs before being able to be displayed.

Love Bird

This year I incorporated some Black into the usual the Pink and Red color scheme.

The subway art was a free printable
(sorry ~ I can't remember where I got it from)


Candy always makes a great display.

Valentine flowers

Pink Posies

Pink, White and Red flowers on the dark wood kitchen table.  I love the contrast.

Paper Hearts

A new smaller scale garland to string from the shelves.

Heart Garland

Paper Hearts (using leftover papers used in the wreath) simply sewn together with red & white thread. 

It needed a little more black to tie it all together.


So I made these stacking wood blocks.

Leftover bits of 2 X 4 wood, painted, sanded and embellished with words cut with my Cricut.


I made another one while I was at it. This one was supposed to go to my Mum...but it's still sitting on the counter waiting to be mailed. Maybe next year (sorry Mum).

Valentine Vignette

The completed Vignette.

We are almost finished with Little K's Valentine Cards - but I have to wait to share those - don't want to spoil it for any classmates who might be reading.

{Happy Heart Day}


  1. Looks so pretty and festive! That paper wreath must have taken forever to make! Love the wood blocks...I always forget about my cricut...I think I've used it 3 times in 3 years! :(
    Happy heart day!

  2. The wood blocks are adorable, and I love the wreath. Yes, candy always makes a great display addition. That last picture looks like it belongs in a magazine. Everything is beautiful. Happy Valentine's day, sweet friend.


  3. Oh my goodness...this is beautiful!!
    I have wanted white shelves in our kitchen for so long. (i think i may have even mentioned that before?!?!) And this little display of love is a perfect reason as to why! My girls would say the candy is such a perfect touch:) but my fav is the heart garland (another reason to learn to sew!!) and the wooden blocks! love it!
    have a happy day karina