Saturday, May 9, 2009

Newly Laundered Sheets

I've been doing laundry today. I'm tired, it's hot (inside and out), I'm still not finished and I'm a little bit cranky.

But then I'm reminded of how much I love Newly Laundered Sheets.

They are cool & crisp, smell fresh and welcome me to a great nights sleep. I can hardly wait to go to bed tonight...I think I'm ready to go right now.


  1. I LOVE freshly laundered sheets. All tucked in tightly. Great way to end a day. And I is so hot here! It looks like you are pretty near me. I'd love to live in the orange groves. I'd probably visit Orange Patch II a lot more if I did! Are you familiar with that store?

  2. Marianne - I love the Orange Patch Store. It's not far from me...too easy to spend too much there, so I don't go often. Great place for inspiration though. Hope you had a good weekend. Try and stay cool!

  3. How pretty! I love your bed and the linens. The look fresh and inviting in that nice green and white pattern.