Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Piggy Returns

I warned you I might return with another Lunch Post if I thought it was worthy. I got my package of Bento goodies from Japan over the weekend filled with all sorts of gadgets. Just in time for the last week of school.

My daughter keeps requesting that I make the Pig again. I don't usually repeat things too often. The world (or at least my little head) is filled with so many new ideas, I just can't bear to repeat. But it was a request, and this time I had new tools - so I went for it.

Clockwise from the Top: Piggy is made from flavored pink rice with Tofu ears and nose. I got a new Nori punch that makes tiny little shapes to be used for eyes and brows etc. My scrapbook tweezers are now in my Bento Lunch Making box (they are so much easier to position using tweezers - now I need a new set for scrapping). The little yellow chick holds soy sauce (came in a set of 6 animals). New heart picks hold the ears on, and the fruit kabobs. Another new toy...egg mold. Just put the warm boiled egg into the mold and it conforms to the shape (in this case - a heart). This lunchbox holds a lot of food (for an 8 year old), so I now use one of the compartments for a juice box - it's a tight squeeze, but it fits pretty well. Lastly - plain yogurt with frozen strawberries.

My new favorite place to hang out is on Flickr. It's an entire world of visual ideas. There are groups and sets for anything you could ever want to see. How did I go so long without knowing about this site?

There are so many amazing artists out there, I am blown away. In my little world I thought I was pretty clever - boy, am I feeling humble these days after seeing some of that great talent. I've been watching (and stealing ideas) from some fantastic Bento creators - as well as getting inspired for many of my other crafty endeavors. I love a world where people are willing to share!

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  1. Very cute piggy bento! All of the great colors which are very beautifully put together.