Friday, May 8, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week - Friday

Today is the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week. We have a few more things for Ms. H. today.
This one is from hubby and I. We made Origami Butterflies to go along with the final tag for the album. I will bring it into school for her later today.

This is the Paper Bag Album that each of the gift tags (from the presents all this week) will slip into.

The paper bags create pockets where the bottom flap of the bag folds over. That's where each of the tags fits. The open top end of the paper bags also create a place to store mementos. Little K made a few things and included them in these pockets (Artwork, Letter, Photos).

These are each of the inside pages starting with Monday.

The last 2 pages in the album have a poem on the left, and we wrote a Thank You message on the right.

The completed album was wrapped with tulle (again) and sent to school with Fridays tag. If only I had figured out a way to sew something with the fabric that matches all the paper. A basket liner? A fabric book cover?

Oh well, there is lots of paper left over (it only took about 8 sheets total for everything, and I think I bought at least 30 - oops). Maybe I'll make a dress for Little K and then a Scrapbook Layout for the photo of her wearing it?

Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!

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  1. Gorgeous mini album Karina!!! Seriously, I love everything about it. The colors are fantastic!!