Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Monday Lunch

It's Monday - and I'm still Packin'. Since I didn't have to make lunch on Friday, I thought I would show you at least one more lunch (to make it a nice un-even 5).

Clockwise from the top: Little Girl (Salami on Cream Cheese on Bread) with Cucumber Hearts; Clementine Segments; Hapi snack mix; Shrimp and Cherry Tomatoes on lettuce with Raspberry Dressing.

After today, I won't bore you with any more Lunch postings (unless I create something really terrific that I feel like sharing). I plan to keep making them, I just don't think it "daily post worthy". It's been Fun - and my daughter is really enjoying the lunchtime surprise, so I'd like to keep it up.

I've added a link to My Bento Lunch Gallery (on the right), where I'll add future Lunch Box creations. You can check them out if you are interested in seeing more, or if you just want to check up on me to see how long I really keep at this?

One more added bonus to making these cut out creations...Tabby our Hermit Crab is enjoying all the leftover bits and pieces.

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  1. You are killing me with all these great lunches!!! They are all fanstatic!