Friday, May 29, 2009

365 Cards Day #90 - Pink and Black - Bold and Graphic

This card was made for the 365 Cards Challenge for Day 90. The challenge was to make a card using only 2 colors. Sounds easy enough until you actually try it. Harder than it looks (at least for me).

The challenge rules did allow you to stamp in black on white cardstock - so I took advantage and did some of that too.

My colors were Bright Pink and Black. I stamped some background swirls on white cardstock - but other than that...everything was either pink or black.

I had some great pink and white ribbon that would have looked darling (but technically my colors are pink and black, so the ribbon could not be used). I also had a pink and white jumbo brad...but again...technically not allowed. It was killing me not to add a few dit dots or stitches or swirls with my white gel pen...but...white was not one of my 2 colors, so I had to let it go. Now that I'm looking at the card, I could have drawn some black stitching around the scallop, but for some reason I thought that was not playing by the rules either?

Are you sensing that I may have some control issues here? Oh well - I am what I am...take it or leave it.

I think the card turned out fun and bright and happy, and I love the bold graphic feel of it.


  1. I loooooooooooove this card!! So much fun and what a great design. Great job, Karina!!

  2. Fantastic card love the color combo.

  3. Love the colors on this card - and the design is so fun!!