Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten on Ten: June

Playing along with Rebekah's fun monthly challenge.

ten on ten button

A photo taken every Hour, for Ten consecutive hours, on the Tenth of the month.

Sleeping In

Sleeping In

Squirrel Lounge

He thinks our deck is a Lounge Chair

Craft Hope Bracelets

Bracelets for Craft Hope

Lemon Verbena

My new favorite scent - Lemon Verbena

Fun with Apps

Fun with apps (I have the beer version)

Warm from the Garden

Fresh from the garden - warmed by the sun

On My toes

On my Toes


DQ grin - 'nuff said

Chicken Dinner

Dinners in

New Cushions

Just arrived in time for summer

Can't wait to see what you all have been up to today. Hope it's been a great day.


  1. That squirrel knows what's up!

  2. Oh how I wish my pictures could look like yours! Love the ice cream shot...I can see that picture hanging on the wall at DQ! And the squirrel is hilarious...what a great shot!

  3. I absolutely LOVED your photos! Amazing! The clock is my good!

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous! We love DQ! I am totally into soy candles, but still haven't burned one of Mrs. Meyer's yet. I've got to buy one. Sleeping in, I wish there was some of that in this house. haha. Love your photos!

  5. I love your pictures. The squirrel is the one that I will take with me from this month. Thanks for sharing.

  6. love your set!! and totally envious of your clock...beautiful!

  7. Great set. That squirrel is too cute. I'm crushing on your new cushions.

  8. WOW! Your pictures are beautiful! And now I'm craving Dairy Queen! :) And those bracelets or so fun!

  9. That squirrel picture is really hilarious!! And I love the iphone app. Too funny!!

  10. Thanks for the comment on my daughter did "10 by 10" (that's what she calls it) also, but I haven't posted those yet. ;) So much to love on your, craftiness and BENTOS!!! I lived in Japan for 6 years when I was growing up and LOVE bentos! :) Will be returning often! ;)

  11. Love your set, its just really pretty! And the squirrel made me laugh!

  12. Lovely photos, really colourful. That squirrel is hilarious!

    Thanks for looking at mine too.

  13. that chocolate milk app is HILARIOUS.

  14. well loved these!
    that squirrel is hysterical...
    love that you slept in till 10 to 10!!
    i NEED that meyer's clean day lemon stuff- what is it??
    the i-phone app is a total hoot- getting that for the kiddos!
    super cool toes!!

    melissa x

  15. Beautiful pics lady! Hoping you're going to squeak a little AZ trip in sometime soon! Missing your family like crazy!