Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day

While most people spend Memorial day at a Picnic or Swimming, we decided to take a slightly different direction - literally.

UP - to the mountains.

We went to Tahoe for a day of skiing.

View from the Gondola

This time, at a new resort for us, Squaw Valley. Many of the other resorts in the area are already closed for the season, but this one is at a higher elevation - it stays open longer.

Lone Skier

Memorial Day was the last official day of the Ski Season. There was still plenty of snow including a fresh 12" from just a few days prior.

Olympic Rings

It's quite an amazing place filled with history. Where the 1960 Winter Olympics were held. Very cool to see the ice skating arena where Olympic medals were won and the treacherous Black Diamond slopes where the worlds best ski.


The base of the resort is at 6,000 feet, and the snow has mostly melted.

But a quick ride on the Gondola up to High Camp at 8,200 feet, and there is plenty of powder.

Snow and Swim

Yep - that's a swimming pool in the background. Yep - there were people swimming. Nope - not us (but only because we didn't bring our suites).

Didn't I tell you it was cool?

For Sale....

We might have to invest in some gear of our own - this is not a cheap sport.

Warming Up

A walk around the Olympic Village at the end of the day.

Running Waters


Summer Blooms

All this, less than 2 hours from home. Did I mention how much I love living in Northern California?


  1. NO WAYY!!!!! Skiing at the end of May??! That is insane! Yes. Equipment is $$. But if your season lasts that long it's so worth it. *jealous*

  2. Looks absolutely beautiful! California is definitely the place to live, we have so many choices :)

  3. oh man. i LOVE this post.

    i hopped back on skis this year for the first time in years. and had a great experience.

    this post makes me excited for next year. must do it again.

    we went in early april. and i was SO tempted to go back in may. what a great season!