Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shower Rats

This is what I found in the shower this morning!

A gift from my daughter - intended for my hubby - because he had shrink wrapped her toilet seat the night before and placed this little guy on top.

I can only imagine what would have happened if she had woken in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Luckily - she was fairly wide awake and noticed him right away.
{insert loud shrilly shriek that caused me to jump out of bed}

Rat #3

I think this little rubber rat has been hanging around our house since Halloween. Somehow he was forgotten when all the decorations were put away.

Rat #5

It all started with my husband - who decided it would be funny to put said rubber rat into Little K's shoe one day!

Shower rats

Since then he has been making the rounds. He goes into hiding for a few weeks, then re-appears when you least expect him. Where you least expect him.

In the underwear drawer....under a bed the pantry....inside the coffee canister....tucked into a backpack...

Rat #4

Not exactly what I consider funny - but little K most definitely does.
(see some of their other antics here)

I love that they have this little game together - and that in the middle of a busy work week (for my hubby) with long hours and early mornings, he takes the time to shrink wrap the toilet seat and hide a rubber rat.

Ok - maybe it is just a little funny.

Note: all photo credits go to Little K and the Instagram app on her iPod touch


  1. I think that is hilarious! I love it. :) I totally would have screamed if I saw that rat though. I agree with you, it's so cool that your husband takes the time to do something fun like this!

    I have a funny story, similar to this. My dad always hid a rubber snake to scare my mom. He passed away suddenly several years ago. A few months after he passed, my mom was replanting some bushes, and found the rubber snake in the pot. We still laugh about that!

  2. My husband and son do this often too with a little rubber mouse. They mostly put it under each other's pillows. They know better NOT to mess with me! :)

  3. LOVE this! These are the memories that they will remember forever! Lil K is a great photog. Just like her mama.

    That rat looks wayyyyy too real, though. I would FREAK if I ran into it unexpectedly.

  4. Hi again. Just wanted you to know I'm following you on Pinterest now, in case you see someone new and wonder who they are! :)) I had a few invites to it recently, and also saw your button on here on the side. I love it now!

  5. this actually turns my stomach! i hate mice and rats so much, would rather have a snake in the house...ugh! and it looks so real! {: (