Friday, June 17, 2011

Fathers Day Photo Gift

I have been thinking of doing something like this since Little K was a baby - so this idea is 10 years in the making (have you noticed I'm a bit of a procrastinator)?

It was so much fun to do, because Little K was able decide on all the creative details herself.

I {heart} U

We went to the craft store and purchased big white letters. There were lots of options to choose from (font style, size, color).

Big White Letters

These were the ones Little K decided on. The only problem was - they were none of the Letter "I" in stock.

Was the Letter L

No Problem!

We purchased the Letter "L" instead.

the Letter I

And with a quick swipe of the chop saw - Problem Solved.

Fun with Letters

She had so much fun making goofy faces and trying different posts. After taking about 150 shots - we uploaded the photos where she could choose her favorites.

A quick edit to Black and White, some simple cropping and they were sent to be developed at our favorite Walgreens 1 hour photo shop.

The picture frame was also purchased at the craft store - simple black frame with a 3 photo matte included.

for Daddy

She added a personal message and her signature/date to the matte before it was put back together.

All totaled I think this project cost less than $30, and just a few hours to put together.

It's perfect with our ONLY child posing in all 3 photos, but would be just as cute with siblings each holding a different letter.

There are even large craft heart shapes that could be made or purchased and painted white (making the heart with her hands and still managing to smile was kind of difficult).
Families with 2 siblings could have the kids pose holding the heart together in the middle frame - the possibilities are endless.

A handmade Fathers Day gift that I know, will soon be proudly displayed in Daddy's office.


  1. How cute! I LOVE it!! I have a feeling lots of people in blogland will be trying your idea! I know I will keep it in mind for the futre!

  2. I think this is a great idea! I had Boyd hold ONE for his first birthday. That was a little difficult, as he didn't really understand what to do, but we got a few cute shots. I love your idea for Father's Day!

  3. Wow! Thanks a lot for these precious ideas. I would like to gift them to my mother. I think, these will be the best photography gifts for her. Thanks again.