Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Koffee Klatch Card

Inspired by.....

Dotty Plates

...polka dot plates...

Fresh Cherries

...fresh cherries...

Dessert Tray

Vintage Fabrics

...vintage (looking) fabrics...

Blue Skies skies with big puffy clouds...

Floral Dishe

and floral dishes.

Koffee Klatch

Inspired... to make a sweet little card inviting the neighborhood girls over for coffee.


So easy:

Little "V" shaped pieces of my favorite fabrics glued to lengths of waxed twine (if only I had some red and white bakers twine at my fingertips).

Blue cloud patterned paper layered on Bazzill Basics cardstock (pomegranate and kraft), with a strip of green (parrot) cardstock sewn to the bottom with a basic zig zag stitch.


  1. What a cute card! I love how you used fabric to make your banner!

  2. So cute! LOVE your card! I don't think bakers twine would have added anything...I like the simplicity of the white twine. How fun to have the neighbors over for some coffee!

  3. karina- you would be such a good neighbor to have! that is awesome and i love all your bright cheeriness today! is cheeriness a word? it os now ; )

  4. Love, love, love! invite seems to have been lost in the mail. I'll bring the patio set. It will fit right in with all your vintage cuteness.

  5. Oh how I'd love to have a group of friends to share coffee with in the morning! How beautiful are these photos, and I love the invitation. :)