Thursday, June 30, 2011

Peach Love

It's Peach Season. We went to the Big Farmers Market over the weekend and loaded up with fresh fruit (and other yummies to be shared later).

Peach Season

Got a whole bag of mixed varieties of peaches and nectarines for $1.50/lb.

I knew right away I wanted to make my favorite Peach Tart.

Peach Tart

It's a Paula Deen recipe that I have made many times - using all different kinds of fruits and glazes.

Apricot Jam

The recipe calls for peach jam thinned with orange juice for the glaze. Instead I used some home made Apricot Jam given to me by a friend (thanks Shannon), and Mango Juice (because that's what we have in the fridge).

Peach and Mango

I should have paid a bit more attention the the type of Peaches we bought. These were definitely not Free Stone - so I had to wrestle the slices off the pit and they ended up a little messy.

But that's OK, because it's kind of a rustic desert after all.

So Easy, So Yummy and So Forgiving.

Go and give it a try - before all the peaches are gone.


  1. Oh yum! I love peach desserts. I usually make a super easy peach cobbler though. This looks like way more work. But so much prettier. Your pix are always gorgeous!

  2. I love fresh peaches. Your photos here are beautiful! I'm a sucker for food photos. :)