Friday, April 3, 2009

Fresh Squeezed

We still had lots of oranges left, and the joy was quickly fading, so I took the easy way out. Squeezing and Freezing. Sounds simple enough? Squeeze the juice, pop it in the freezer and it will be there for me later when I have a creative burst that requires oranges.

We’ve been squeezing O.J. since January when they first began to ripen. I have this great little Black & Decker electric juicer that does a terrific job, and in no time flat I can have a pitcher of fresh O.J. Multiply that by 10 times, maybe 20? I lost count. Needless to say, after juicing hundreds of oranges I was sticky, bored and the juicer was beginning to smoke a little (not really).

But I’m happy to say, I have a freezer full of frozen quarts of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice just waiting for me. I’m sure in a month or two I’ll really appreciate having them there. Right now, I’m kind of glad they are out of sight.

The good news is, I had just enough left over to enjoy one more delicious glassful.

Now, I can’t help thinking... "there has to be something I can make out of all these leftover orange cups?”

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