Friday, April 10, 2009

Bunny Cakes

Today my daughter and I made Bunny Cakes. I remember making these as a kid, but haven't made them in years...they are super simple. I'm sure most of you have seen them before. Each Bunny is a 9 inch single layer round cake cut in half with a notch cut in to make a separation for the head.

My daughter made this one. It's for the Non-Coconut crowd. I'm amazed how many people don't like coconut...go figure - I love it, but my daughter does not. Hers is just a fork pricked into the frosting to make it look like fur.

I made mine the more "traditional" way using white coconut flakes sprinkled onto the frosting. You could also toast the coconut for a light brown Bunny...or use liquid food coloring to tint the coconut pink...or many bunny options - but one cake mix makes two rounds - so we stuck to just 2 Bunnies.

Look at those cute little Bunny faces. Jelly Beans for the eyes and nose. Cooking twine for the whiskers.

I chose mini M n M's for the eyes, with dots of white frosting. The nose and whiskers are the same for both. (My daughter is the photographer for these face shots - aren't they great!)

I think the tails are as cute as the faces.

Pink bunny has a rolled ball made from leftover Fondant from my daughters 8th Birthday cake (it will keep in a zip baggie for several months). I find all sorts of things to "embellish" with little fondant flowers made from leftovers. Including the flowers on the cake plates.

Coconut Bunny has a "glob" of mini marshmallows. I thought I had the big ones...but they were very old and hard as a rock, so I had to make do. I just dripped a little water over a handful of mini's and squished them together. Set them on the counter to dry and viola. This was a happy accident - I think it turned out better than my original plan.

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  1. I remember these. They sell them in the grocery stores. I never thought about how easy and fun they would be to make at home. Great idea.