Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesdays Lunch

I'm happy to say all the pieces of my daughters Laptop Lunch Box made it home from school yesterday safe and sound.

We're doing good...day 2 and packing is still fun.

Clockwise from the top: Vanilla Yogurt with Strawberries (frozen in sauce to help keep it cold); Pistachio Crisps; Pockey (by the napkin); Brown Rice California Roll; Cucumber and Carrot slices with flower centers; Eggie Girl (hard boiled egg with B & B pickle slices for hair)

I found this cold pack at Safeway yesterday. It can be cut to nearly any size needed. It's thin and flexible. I plan on making a lunch bag to fit the Laptop Lunch Box (OK, stop laughing...I'll get around to it eventually). When I do, I'll cut the cold pack down to size to fit in a pocket in the lunch bag...at least that's the plan!

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  1. Beautiful lunch! Can we include your photo on the lunch ideas page of our Web site at www.laptoplunches.com?

    I should also mention that we're currently running an overrun special on the pink bento set pictured here. We're offering them by the case of 24 for just $312. Our prices don't get any better than that! (These sets are great for parties, groups, and special events.)

    Thanks for a great post!