Sunday, April 19, 2009

Petal Power

Look at this cute bag. At Book Club last month one of my friends showed up sporting an adorable, multi colored bag that we all fell in love with. She got hers at Sam Moon in Texas. She’s a flight attendant, but alas…popping down to Texas to buy one was not an option for us. We checked on line at the Sam Moon website, but this particular style was no where to be found, although they did have some other, very adorable, reasonably priced things that I’m still trying to convince myself I don’t need to buy.

Imagine my surprise. I got a call from my friend April this week (another Book Club Babe who had admired the purse)…she was at Fashion Bug…and they had the exact same Petal Purse. The only choice now was what color to purchase. Green, Metallic, Yellow?

I chose the Turquoise (oh, and the Brushed Metallic also).

Now we just have to be sure that April and I don’t go out on the town together wearing the same handbag. Thanks April for snagging them for me!

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  1. Love the petals ... will have to check that out.