Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's Lunch

Here's what's in the Lunch Box today:

Clockwise from the top: Flower Garden (Tomato, Egg, Carrot, Cucumber, Cheese and Hot Dog all cut into flower shapes); Tofu with Soy Sauce; Crackers; Grapes & Kiwi.

I knew I had some Oilcloth buried away in the fabric closet somewhere. I think I got it when my daughter was a baby with the intention to make a splatter mat (Little K is now 8 - don't think she needs a spatter mat anymore). So I went digging. The fabric I remembered was pink with strawberries. I thought it would be perfect to make an easy clean bag to carry the Laptop Lunch Box.

This is all I could find...

I don't think Red and Blue is going to match the Pink Lunchbox very well...there has to be more somewhere...keep digging...I distinctly remember pink strawberries...

Ahhh - success. Not only did I find the Pink Strawberry Oilcloth - but a coordinating green gingham too. Won't they look adorable made into a Lunchbox Tote?

What do you think the chances are that I'll get that tote made anytime soon?


  1. Cards AND bento! YAY!

    Nice site :)

  2. If you didn't spend as much time making the lunches you'd have time to make the tote.....just a thought. I'm just jealous that I don't have you here making MY lunches! They would be so much healthier and fun :)