Monday, October 17, 2011

We're Going BOOing

It's that time of year. BOO signs are showing up on front doors and windows in our neighborhood.

We got BOOed last week - so now it's our turn to spread the Halloween Cheer.

BOO Bags

I usually love shopping for BOO bag goodies - there are always so many cute things in the stores, I can't wait for an excuse to pick up a few.

This year I couldn't seem to find much that I liked. Maybe because we are in a new (smaller) town, with not as many unique stores? Maybe I waited too long and all the cute stuff sold?

Whatever the reason, we needed to find some (family friendly, cute, not cheap, unique, fun) Halloween Goodies.

Our solution was to get a little Crafty - and make something.
Nutter Butter Ghosts

Cookie Ghosts

I can not Lie. This is not my original idea. I found it on
Pinterest (sigh).

Aren't they cute. Nutter Butter cookies tipped in white chocolate with mini chocolate chip eyes.

Kind of home made - but not too much work. Little K did the dipping and I applied the eyes (using my bento tweezers for precision placement of those tiny little bits)

This could easily be done with another cookie if you want to avoid the potential nut allergy issue. (I'm thinking these would be amazing).

Fabric Bow

We nestled them in a re-cycled plastic container (I think it originally help cherry tomatoes) and tied it up with a rag bow that matches the ties on the boo bags.

I'm a bit obsessed with banners and buntings these days. They can be made with so many materials - and are fairly easy to put together.

How about a Halloween Banner.

So where did I look for ideas? Pinterest (of course)

Paper Halloween Banner

We made this one completely last minute from things in my stash. I think it took a total of 5 Letter Size Sheets of Solid scrapbook paper, and a few scraps to make TWO of these adorable cuties.


This one is my favorite (it's an Owl in case you can't tell). We rifled through the basket of punches to find shapes we could use to make the details. The feathers are made with a decorative picture corner punch, and the feet are cut from a small scalloped circle.

Candy Corn, Frankie and Ghost

I cut all the wedge shaped pieces (you can get 3 from each sheet), but Little K did almost all of the decorating herself.


Frankie is Little K's favorite. I had to explain that the things coming out the side were supposed to be Bolts - not Arms. She kept wanting to put them lower. (I wonder if Bride of Frankenstein is appropriate for a 10 year old to watch).

As usual - when they were all done - we both said "why didn't we make one for ourselves?"

Everything is now safely tucked inside our BOO bags.

Rag Tied Bags

All tied up with strips of colorful Halloween fabrics.

Jack O Lantern Bell

Tonight's the night. No after school activities today. Hopefully not too much homework. We're going BOOing.

Maybe the Jack O Lantern Jingle Bell was not the best thing to include - if we're trying to be stealth.

Not sure what all this BOO talk is about. Find out more here.


  1. I wish I lived in your neighborhood, and was receiving these goodies. I LOVE the banner, it is so great. You did such a cute job on those cookies and with all of the packaging. Loved this post!

  2. These are ADORABLE! Can I copy?! I'm not on pinterest. I've kind of avoided it, but with ideas like these I might have to check it out.

  3. That's the cutest banner I've see yet!
    I LOVE the bags and colors you chose and the cookies...everything looks perfect Karina. You have that special touch for sure!

  4. Every detail is just the sweetest!!
    I agree with Nicolle, can we be neighbors??
    I think the mint milanos would be my avoid nut allergies and all!!;) **wink wink**
    I absolutley love that banner.
    You have really scared me off from pinterest...too many cute thingts, i might get lost!
    have a happy day

  5. Holy Moly! I am IN LOVE! I can't wait for next year now to steal these ideas! Sure beats those damn eyeballs we made this year. I can totally handle those ghosts. A lot less stress. You are da bomb, girl!

  6. Thanks for the blog love! The coffee sleeve was uber easy to make; you should try it out! :)

    Also, I looooooove this Halloween galand! I just pinned the heck out of it so I remember to sew something similar for net Halloween. :)