Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thirty Days of Gratitude

Several years ago I joined a flickr group that challenged me to find something to be Thankful for - and take a photo - each of the 30 days of November.

I consider myself pretty lucky - I have a great life - not much to complain about. But it's sooo easy to get bogged down by the every day things - and get just a little Cranky. Especially during the busy holiday season.

I love this challenge because it's like a slap in the face for me. Time to take stock in All the wonderful things I have in my life.

Here is a recap of my 30 Days of Gratitude for the past years:
(click on the links below to see more about each of the photos)


Gratitude 2009

1. Happy Thoughts, 2. Just the Girls, 3. Tchotchkes, 4. Time and Tolerance, 5. Wisdom, 6. Intervention, 7. The Beauty of Dance, 8. Reading, 9. Time Together, 10. A Helping Hand, 11. Sweet Girl of Mine, 12. Family History, 13. Going Green, 14. Slow Cooker, 15. It's Time to Decorate, 16. Glitter, 17. A Taste of the World, 18. A Table for Two, 19. Friends and their Babes, 20. Health and Well Being, 21. Sweet Little Mice, 22. The Arizona Biltmore, 23. Sunshine and Rain, 24. In Memory of..., 25. Amazing Night Sky


30 Days of Gratitude 2010

1. Moderation, 2. A Strong & Pleasant Scent, 3. Friends, 4. Dinner, 5. Moving, 6. Suburbia, 7. Children and the Arts, 8. A Clean House, 9. Grey Hair & Wrinkles, 10. Tooth Fairy, 11. Sweater Weather, 12. Home, 13. Freedom, 14. Game Night, 15. Fun, 16. Unconditional Love, 17. Quiet Time, 18. Nature, 19. Coffee Maker, 20. A Man is Only as Good as His Tools, 21. Inspiration, 22. Moving Cards, 23. Simplify, 24. Sweet Surprises, 25. Lights, 26. Snuggle Time, 27. Warm Cookies and Milk, 28. Willingness, 29. Natures Bounty, 30. December Memories

November will be here in just a few weeks. I plan on playing along again this year.

I invite you to come over to flickr and join this wonderful group with me. No pressure. No worries if you can't post every day (notice my first year didn't have 30 photos).

Hope to see you there.


  1. This is such an artistic way to show how grateful we are with what we have! I love the idea :-) !!

  2. What a fun fun challenge. I'm not sure I would be able to stick to it??? It might be worth the challenge. And I love how you put all the photos together in a collage, how did you do that?

    I'm off to check out the flickr group!

  3. I REALLy love this idea Karina! For so many reasons...the gratitude, the attention to the little things, and the chance to practice with my enemy most days.
    I just might take the plunge and DO IT!!!
    have a happy day

    love the collage style of display too