Friday, May 6, 2011

Teachers Appreciation 2011

We are coming to the end of Teachers Appreciation Week.

At Little K's new school - the PTA does a great job coordinating the efforts throughout all the classrooms. They put out a schedule suggesting ways to show your appreciation to the teachers on each of the days of the week. You have the option to participate in as many days as you like.

Monday - the Teachers were all greeted with the outside of their Classroom Doors Decorated.

Door Decoration

I was a bit worried - because her teacher is not much of a cook - but I loved the idea of showing how she nurtures and develops her students.

Recipe Card

The recipe card spells it all out.

Cooking Close Up

I went with a clean - sort of retro style to fit her teachers personality. She loved it.

Funny Story Side Note: I went to the school early on Monday morning (it's an outdoor campus) to put up the door decoration. As I'm working - a bright flashing light starts to go off (like the fire alarm, but white) - and then a voice comes over the loud speaker. "Unauthorized Activity Detected - Photo Taken".

YIKES - apparently the school has motion detectors, and when I started working on the door - I tripped the alarm. Picture me - in my sweats, no morning shower yet, and my hair barely combed. That's going to be one lovely picture.

Luckily - I had already seen the custodian on the grounds, and she told me not to worry about it. Apparently all the other Room Parents put up their decorations on Sunday - Oops.

Tuesday - was the day that each child brought in an individual flower. The roses are all in full bloom here - so she ended up with a beautiful bouquet.

Contemporary Vase

I brought a vase in to hold all the beautiful blooms. She has a bit of a contemporary style, so I went with something more modern. Added a strip of paper and twine as an accent.

Thank You Tag

And a stacked tag. The outer one says "Thanks". The one underneath says "for helping our kids bloom".

School Bouquet

Wednesday - the kids were asked to bring in a home made card or note.

Thursday - was the day to bring in any Gift Cards. I asked for her teachers input before hand and suggested some of her favorite stores to the parents.

Friday - was Fruit Basket day. The kids brought in a single piece of fruit.

Fruit Basket

We've had a huge participation from the kids so far - I hope the basket is big enough to hold all the fruity bounty.

Fruity Thanks

I made a print using Wordle and some corny fruit sayings, and attached it to the basket handle.

Apple Cosy

This is the piece of fruit Little K brought in for her. We had to dress it up just a little. Isn't this apple cosy adorable?

I can't take the credit - I found the pattern here, and sent the materials to my Mom to crochet (since that's something I was never able to master).

Apple Cosy Collage

She had so much fun making them - she whipped up a few extra. Guess what Little K's teachers are getting next year!

In addition to all the individual classroom efforts, the PTA also acknowledges all the Teachers with a Breakfast (on Monday), Lunch (on Wednesday) and Car Wash (on Friday).

Happy Teachers Appreciation Week to all our Teachers - and Thank You for all that you do!


  1. YOU are too freakin' AWESOME! I love every last detail you added. So incredibly thoughtful!

    I'll be looking for you on America's Most Wanted. ;)

  2. So awesome! I'm curious if that picture will make the yearbook? ;P

  3. The teacher must be totally grateful and delighted and the apples...!!! Too adorable :D)!

  4. I love what you did with her door! That is so cool and the colors are fabulous. I'm sure she loved everything!!

  5. Wow! I'm impressed, and I bet the teacher feels VERY appreciated after all this. I love what you did with the vase.

  6. I love unravel me! She has the cutest stuff! What fantastic gifts!

  7. I am the teacher and I saved this! Usually, I just tear it down and throw it away; however, this one was a keeper!!!

  8. I LOVE this door!! Will you share your resources for all of the elements? I want to replicate this on my door. My kids will love it!!

    1. Thank you Ashley - I used a combination of Ellison Die Cuts and Cricut for the letters. The background is red butcher paper with turquoise construction paper squares. The bowl/milk/eggs are hand drawn on construction paper and outlined in black marker. The recipe card is made of poster board with flower punch embelishments and more cricut letters.