Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Break

I love where we live.

With less than a two hour drive from our house - we can have Sunshine, Snow or the Ocean Breeze.

And we experienced them all during Spring Break this year. Hubby took the week off work and we had a little family Staycation.

We started with some time at home, working on the never ending house projects, and enjoying the Sunshine that finally seems to have made it's appearance.

Daisy Chain

Next - a few sleepovers for Little K followed by a Day Trip to Tahoe for some skiing.

Ski Tahoe

This was the last week before most of the resorts closed for the season, but there was still plenty of Snow to be enjoyed.

On Friday, we headed to the Coast to spend a few day in the City by the Bay. I tried to convince hubby to detour up to the Wine Country (yep - that's less than 2 hours away as well), but thought I better save that trip for a girls weekend.

We started at Pier 39

Battleship and Gulls

Fresh Catch

Giant Gulls

The Sea Gulls were as big as our Cat - maybe even bigger.


Loved the Kite shop. If only there was some wind at our house....and a few less trees.

The Kite Store

We enjoyed the Aquarium of the Bay.

Moon Jellies

Jelly Fish

Full of all kinds of native California Sea Life.



That evening we stayed at the Fairmont Hotel atop Nob Hill. Amazing!
Had we planned better - we would have stayed and had Easter Brunch.
Had we planned better - we would have moved in there....forever.

Vintage Sports Cars

Not sure what was going on, but these amazing vintage Sports Cars were delivered while we were there.


I only had to sneak into the Valet Parking garage to see them up close. That's not really trespassing - is it?

The next morning we started at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.


Bamboo Fence

Little K is already sketching out a new design plan for our backyard to make it just like the Japanese Garden. There go our Palm and Orange Trees.

Zen Garden


Bento Lunch

We had a yummy lunch in the Tea House, including one of my favorites - Taiyaki. I really need to get one of those cute little fish irons.

Then over to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Flowers and Bridge

Under the Bridge

This is the first time we have walked across it.

A Long Walk

Only made it about half way. That was far enough for me (and my new found fear of heights).

Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge

We made it back home in time to enjoy a wonderful Easter Brunch at The Zinfandel Grille.


  1. seriously? i am now thoroughly depressed with where i live. i tend to block it out and then people like you give me a big, fat reminder : ) looks beautiful and sounds like a great spring break!

  2. Such gorgeous photos!!! Snow and beach for your vacation, does it get any better than that?? Looks like a great time!

    I LOVE that pic of the golden gate bridge. Before I had kids, I did an open water swim race under the golden gate bridge from the SF side to the other side (is that Angel Island???). It was freezing and freaky and really awesome. I would love to do it again.

  3. Looks like a fantastic vacation...your photos are amazing! I think it's great that you love where you live...some of us are always hoping to live somewhere else! ;)

  4. Amazing photos, I enjoyed every one of them...especially Golden Gate Bridge, park and teahouse! Incredibly beautiful images and Japanese (bento!)meal--just stunning!! Thanks for sharing, Karina, what a treat :D