Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thinking of My Dad Today

Thinking of my Dad, who passed away two years ago today.

James Henry Blackburn
August 30, 1936 - March 21, 2008


took us to amazing places through his Military Service
was a great artist (even though he didn't think so himself)
hummed and whistled
taught me how to build anything - out of anything
looked like Elvis Presley in his younger days
would sing round robin songs with us in the car
played the guitar
passed on his quirky habit of finger tapping to his children and grandchildren without us even realizing it
whistled the same reveille tune to get me up every morning - that still makes me shudder
hated it when I was late
owned and ran a successful Upholstery business with my mom
had a soft spot for stray animals
was the life of the party
hated to talk on the phone
was incredibly patriotic
loved racing
grew up on a farm
could be incredibly stubborn
taught me how to bait my own hook
was a terrible speller, but a genius at math
loved to play games
was very proud of me!

When folks tell me I'm like you Pop
I almost burst with pride,
'cause ever since I was a pup
just standing by your side,
I liked the way you faced the world
the things you say and do,
and would be glad to be a Chip
off such a Block as You!

Remembering my Dad Today
- and my Mom, and Brother and Aunt -


  1. Karina,
    This is such a lovely rememberance of your Dad. He really was one of the good guys. He always made me laugh so much and knew that I would fall for all of his corny jokes! I am so glad that he was part of my life. I am sure you miss his alot. And you can proudly say that he was your Dad and that you get alot of your talents from him. A great guy like he was will always be missed. Love, Martha

  2. Now you've done it, I can't stop crying. That was so nice. M

  3. what a beautiful remembrance of your dad. He sounds like a wonderful father and person. Thank you for sharing some of him with us. I am glad you have so many great memories of him.

  4. Oh, Karina...I'm sorry and thinking of YOU today! Your dad sounds like a wonderful man, so many wonderful memories you must have of him. And he must have been very handsome indeed in his younger days if he looked like Elvis! : )

  5. Karina, this is such a lovely tribute to your father. He sounds like a wonderful man and dad! How wonderful that you have so many great memories of him. Thanks for sharing this. Very touching indeed.

  6. From one "Daddies-Girl" to another...You're such an amazing person, you're a constant tribute to what a wonderful man he must have been!!

  7. A wonderful remembrance Karina... there is nothing like a Dad... thank you for sharing it!

  8. very touching Karina. big hug.