Monday, March 8, 2010


That's how long it has been!

Since my sweet hubby has been looking for a new job.

It all started back in December.

When I got a Call...
On a Tuesday...At 2:00 in the Afternoon...
from my Husband...
Telling me he would be Coming Home....

My first thought was that he was coming to help get ready for the Party we were hosting that weekend.

I couldn't have been more Wrong - or more Shocked.

It turns out his company (like so many others) was going through a re-structure due to declining business (like so many others) and would be consolidating. His Region was being dissolved - so there would be no need for him as a Regional Vice President.

Gulp - we were unemployed. After a few nights of crying and indulging in self pity - and a call to my Mother - it was time to look on the POSITIVE side of things:

1) My dear one has amazing skills, interviews well, and makes a good first impression
2) We live in a big city with plenty of opportunities
3) He received a fair severance package, so we're not destitute
4) We don't live extravagantly, have a fairly low mortgage payment and both our cars are paid off
5) Savings doesn't have to be saved for retirement
6) We're willing and able to relocate if needed
7) I was a pretty sharp cookie in my day and I'm sure I could get a job - gulp - if I had to
8) My sweet husband has a calm personality and a positive outlook that is totally contagious
9) I don't eat when I'm stressed, so I didn't gain my usual Holiday extra pounds

I had faith it would all work out OK in the end. Maybe not exactly as I had hoped - but still, we have much to be thankful for.

He has accepted a position with a successful Retail Company and started training for his new job last week.

I am so proud of his accomplishments. We were fully prepared to be without income for many more months, based on the current job market trend. The fact that he has landed a new (dare I say - better) job in just over 2 months is quite remarkable. Although I am not surprised - he has much to offer this world - both professionally and personally.

Although he might have had a little help from this guy. It's a Lucky Frog. I can't remember where we found him, but Little K and I gave him to Gary as a gift during his last job transition. He's well worn, and travels in Gary's pocket, along with all his change. He's been on every phone screening and job interview. I think he did the trick.

The sad news is, that we have to move - again. We went through a similar situation just 3 years ago when we moved from California to Arizona. This time, we will be moving from Arizona - back to California - to the northern part of the state.

I grew up in a military family, so moving is in my blood, you could say. We love to travel, and experience new places. But it brings on a whole new dimension when you have a child involved.

Little K will now have moved 3 times in her 9 short years. I keep telling myself, that moving as a child is what helped me develop my outgoing personality, and that she is young enough to not be terribly bothered by the move. But I can't help but worry if she will make the transition OK.

So far - she is dealing with it all amazingly well. We won't be moving until after the school year is over, so that helps. The fact that she is going "back" to California seems to ease the fears as well. I don't think she quite understands we'll be 4 hours away from our "old" town and friends, but I don't see the need to point that out just yet.

I couldn't be prouder - she is mature way beyond her 9 years.

Hopefully, in a few months, we will be packing up and moving on to our next new adventure. For now, keep your fingers crossed that we find someone to fall in love with our house here in Arizona, and want to buy it - quickly.


  1. wow karina, your family has been through so much and you all still remain so strong and connected and supportive - it's really wonderful, and an inspiration for what i hope my own family is like (when i get one!). congrats to your hubby on his new job, and best of luck to you and little k with the transition. northern california is FANTASTIC, plus you'll be closer to amazing bento shopping!

  2. Good luck! I am sure everything will work out for you on the home front. I can understand how you feel with your hubby being away. It is what I went through before we moved. It was hard at the time but worth it at the end!

  3. Oh my goodness Karina, I had no idea your family was going through all this. So very stressful, and over the holidays too. I'm so thankful that God has provided for you and that your husband has found another good job. Sorry about the move though. I pray it will turn out to be the best move ever. Thanks for sharing this story and with such lovely photos.

  4. Karina, I talked to your Mom yesterday and she told me the good news about Gary. Having gone through all of those moves too, I can understand where you are coming from. Kathy got to move 8 times before we setlled back down in western PA! I will think god thoughts that you will get your home sold quickly. Martha

  5. So thankful that your hubby found a good job. Praying that your house sells quickly and that your transition back to California will be a blessing for your family! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself here and on Flickr. You are truly a blessing to those who know you.

  6. Best of luck to you and your family Karina! You have a wonderful family and they are so lucky to have you too! Will be praying for you all to have a smooth transition. Sending you some aloha from Hawai`i!

  7. Congratulations! In this economy that is fantastic Karina, so happy for you guys, I have heard of so many others' horror stories on how long they have been looking for work. Some big changes for your family coming up but your positive attitude and spirit are going to make this transition easy for your daughter.
    "Going back to Cali...." : )

  8. Such a moving post, Karina--it glows with love and appreciation for your dear family...and I am so happy to read of your hubby's new job--that's wonderful! Hoping the move goes smoothly and that you will be happily settled soon. Norhern CA has always sounded delightful to me...:)

  9. Wow Karina. Big changes!! I am so glad that Gary found another job. Good luck with the move and I hope you guys settle in quickly and find a house that you love!!!! I'll be thinking of you all!

  10. Congratulations! Wishing you all the best - it sounds like a major change but your positivity is inspirational.