Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day

Last Year - St. Patricks Day sort of sprung up on us. We didn't put much thought into making a Leprechaun Trap until late the night before.

Needless to say - it may not have been the best design and didn't work. The little bugger got away. No pot of gold for us.

This year, St. Patricks Day falls during Spring Break, so we had a bit more time to research how to make the most successful Trap.

Little K's original thought was to make one out of wood - because last year he chewed his way out of the paper box trap we set.

When we saw this version at Family Fun Magazine, Little K decided it was the one to make.

A "Keep Out" sign for a little reverse psychology - you know those guys are tricky and never do as they are told.

A Leprechaun sized ladder was nearby, just in case he was tempted.

But here is the "trap". A door cut into the top. Did you know Leprechauns only weigh 1-1 1/2 pounds? Surely he would fall right into our trap.

It was cleverly hidden by (chocolate) Gold Coins. You know how they like those shiny, glittery objects. We were sure our mischievous Leprechaun would not be able to resist.

Alas - foiled again. The little bugger escaped. Although he did replace the chocolate coins with quarters. Perhaps we should re-think the wooden box idea for next year.

What kind of mischievous pranks did the Leprechauns play at your house?


  1. I am so sorry the Leprachaun got away again, I was so sure you would catch one this year. Must be very difficult to accept that a little green man can out-think you all. M

  2. this was super cute, love the craft.

  3. This is so cute Karina! My kids would have loved something like that but instead I did...absolutely nothing!:( Next year!

  4. such a wonderfully cosy project! I wish we did things like this at our house! Sounds like loads of fun!

  5. hee hee!! So sorry he got away! He must have come to my kids school, because they wreacked havoc in all the classrooms. And at my neighbor's house they must have peed in the toilet because the water was all green!!

  6. So cute! I love your creativity and all the wonderful projects you've made :)