Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday Family Bowling

We haven't seen as much as we would like of Gary, with him starting his new job in Sacramento. So when the weekends come around - and when he's home with us - we've been trying to have some Family Fun time (in addition to working on the "get the house ready for sale" list).

So this weekend - we all went Bowling!

I don't think Gary or I have been bowling since before we were married - that's over 20 years ago folks!

Little K has been to a few bowling parties in the past few years, but never without the bumpers up.

I wasn't about to bowl with bumpers. That would mean, if I did good (AKA - beat Gary), I couldn't really take the credit. I'm way too competitive to give up on a chance to gloat - err I mean win gracefully.

In my day - I was actually a pretty good Bowler. I even bowled on an after work League. At least I think we did some bowling along with all that beer drinking.

I remember my average was around 130. Guess what I bowled my first game? 127! I kicked some Bowling Butt.

Let's just not discuss my score for the next two games.

Gary and Little K improved their scores quite a bit by the end of the 3rd game. I can't say the same. I broke a nail, have a blister on my thumb, and this morning my leg muscles are so sore I almost tripped down the stairs.

How sad is that....even bowling makes my muscles ache. Time to get going to the Gym again.

But it was a great opportunity to wear some really cool footwear.

I must say, we all had some pretty good bowling form. Little K did a great job without the bumpers (she was the only kid not using them). If you didn't actually look at the score board, we could have looked like a family force to be reckoned with. I'm surprised no one asked us to join their league? Maybe next time.

Little K did take some shots of me bowling (just to prove that I have good form as well), but they are on her camera and I (conveniently) forget how to upload from hers.

We had a great time together - just having silly fun. Need to do more of that for sure!


  1. Looks like fun and you got some really great pictures. I've been wanting to take the kids myself, I think it would be so funny!Sounds like a great day!

  2. How fun! Bowling is always so great- and I think it makes it even better when you aren't good at me!

  3. Soooo fun!! As always, great pics!