Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pennsylvania Summer Visit

Both my husband's and my families live in Western Pennsylvania. It makes travel during the holidays great, they live only an hour from each other, so when we go "home" to visit family, we are able to see both sides. I can't imagine having to choose one over the other.

We just returned from our Summer trip to PA. I always say we are going to Pittsburgh, because it's the closest large city that people may recognize, but our families actually live about an hour north of Pittsburgh. Mine are in Butler, and my Husbands in New Castle. This year we not only spent time with our families, but we also spent a few days in Pittsburgh doing some of the Big City Tourist things with our daughter. I'll post more on that later.

While we were visiting my hubbys side of the family, we took a trip to
Pymatuning Spillway to feed the fish.

It's known as the place "where the ducks walk on the water". There are thousands of fish literally climbing on top of each other to get at the bread being thrown at them.

The fish are Carp, not the most attractive (in my opinion), but it's pretty cool to see. We try to throw the bread out past the fish to get to the ducks and geese...but not to worry, the birds wade to the edge right on top of the fish and get their share of bread as well. No one seems to go hungry.

Little K was watching all the action and I asked her to turn around so I could take a picture. The backdrop was beautiful. Cloudy Blue Sky - Bright Blue Water, Lush Green Trees (all things we don't have in Arizona).

I turned around to step back for a better vantage point for my photo...and I hear Little K say....."Mooooooooooom? Never a good thing for a mother to hear. As I turned back, this is what I saw!

One of her crocs was missing. Now, the fish are big...but not big enough to jump up and snatch a shoe from a little girls foot...wait - maybe one of the geese....or ducks?

Apparently the heel got caught on the edge of the railing as she was "posing" and it flipped off her foot and landed in the water.

I think this guy with the big lips tried to eat it (maybe he thought it was pink bread)? Luckily, after a few moments of being completely covered by gasping, sucking, nibbling carp...the little pink croc popped back up to the surface.

That's my husband fishing it out with a clever little hook on a long pole that the snack bar was quickly able to provide.

Think maybe this is not the first time something like this has happened?

I'm happy to report - we left Pymatuming with the same number of shoes that we came with, although one was noticeably cleaner than the other.

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