Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hair Jewlery

I can't take credit for this idea...that goes to my niece Jocelyn. We were shopping together at the Flea Market and Little K was admiring one of the tables that had all sorts of sparkly vintage jewelry. She found a pair of earrings that she really liked, but when she realized they were Clip earrings she was going to put them back. She just recently got her ears pierced, so wearing (and buying) pierced earrings is a big deal.

That's when Jocelyn suggested to Little K that she get them anyway, because she had an idea on another way she could use these bright beautiful gems that had caught her eye. I was curious to see just what she had in mind.

My niece has a very strong sense of personal style. She currently has the underside of her hair dyed bright red (at least she did when I saw her a few weeks ago), and wears a little diamond stud in the side of her nose. She's not afraid to have fun with fashion and can pull of a bold statement...but she is 22 years old! What may look cute on her, may not be so appropriate for an 8 year old...or her mother.

I should have known, Jocelyn wouldn't steer us wrong. I think this idea is great for any age (myself included).

These are just some of the vintage earrings we found at the Flea Market with Jocelyn. One pair I purchased years ago at an antique shop and wore to a Black Tie Dinner (as earrings). A few other pairs were recently purchased by Little K at a local Antique Mall.

Don't they look great just clipped into side swept bangs? I think the yellow one at the top looks like a fried egg. The blue one at the bottom looks great worn with dark denim. I haven't tried yet, but I also want to clip them onto a headband to wear.

They all have some version of the basic clip back. I didn't do anything other than clip them onto a bunch of hair. For Little K, who's hair is very soft and fine, I put a clear elastic band in first to create a bit more bulk for the clip to hold on to.

There are other types of clip backings, so be sure and check before you buy. Some have just a thin wire with a flat knob at the end. Those would work also (we have one pair), but I think I'll want to attach them to a regular alligator hair clip to make it easier.
I think those young girls may be rubbing off on me, because I think I smile just a bit more when I'm wearing some sparkle - and this is a fun way to do it. Thanks Joc.


  1. Classy, Chic, Sassy, and Smart!!! What an awesome idea!! I'm gonna copy!!

  2. Awww. Yay for my 'shout out!' See don't they just look adorable? Finally, I had a decent idea! Woo!


  3. Those are really cute Karina! What an awesome idea!!