Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Twirling Fun

This is another one of the sewing projects my Mom and I completed when we were in Pennsylvania. It's made with the Spiral Skirt Pattern from Country Babies Boutique which is similar to the Redondo Pattern, only the panels are slightly narrower.

I think I must have been in a bit of a drunken craze the day I bought all these fabrics (that tends to happen when I go into a quilt shop). There are 6 different fabric patterns, I used 2 panels of each for a total of 12 panels to fit Little K. The bottom edge is finished with black bias tape.

The fabrics are from all different designers. I found the black and white bird print first, which had just a hint of pink...and from there I just kept adding pinks, oranges, green and lots of black & white until I had a stack that looked good together.

I know the designers spend a lot of time coordinating their fabrics so you can buy them together all in one fell swoop...and I have been known to do just that of a collection that I love. But I also love the thrill of bringing a bunch of unrelated patterns together, that have been sitting on the shops shelves, completely segregated from each other, into a beautiful eclectic mix.

I think this one turned out pretty good, and I even have fabric left over, so you may see them re-appear in some other combinations, or at least in a Flower Hair Clip - my current crafty obsession, so stay tuned.


  1. Your fabric selection is wonderful and eclectic was the perfect word to describe it! The skirt is Beautiful!

  2. LOVE the skirt! It looks awesome and the fabrics go really well together. I wish I had one. I would wear it. LOL

  3. Wow, that skirt is sure to turn heads!!! Your talents never cease to amaze me Karina!!

  4. I absolutely LOOOOOOVE that skirt!!! When I saw the other one you made I almost bought the pattern and I don't even own a sewing machine!!! I am really thinking of getting the pattern and having my MIL help me with it. It's beautiful and Kayla would love it. Thanks for the inspiration, karina!!

  5. Wow, I love this skirt. It is beautiful and looks like lots of fun to twirl in. Perfect for a sweet little girl. I was just looking through your blog and am completely amazed by your lunches. WOW, is all I can say.