Monday, August 10, 2009

Gourmet Tuna Melt

I need to get to the market - we are badly in need of the basics, so I knew finding something for lunch could be a challenge. I'm not in the mood for soup, we've eaten grilled chicken the past few days, and I think I might even be out of Peanut Butter.

I quickly look in the pantry, and decide on Tuna Fish Sandwiches. I'm surprised by how many people don't like tuna fish - but I do, so that's the plan.

Head to the fridge - grab the Mayo (did you know that
Hellmann's Mayo is called Best Foods mayo on the West Coast? Same company, same product, same packaging, just different name). The jar is almost empty, but PHEW, there is just enough left.

Look for the relish - NONE - maybe a jar of pickles I can chop up - NOPE. I have jalapeno peppers....I DON"T THINK SO. Solution - I see a jar of Artichoke Spread - THAT WILL WORK. I also grab the capers, because I remember the above mentioned spread not having a lot of flavor (probably why there is still half a jar left). Is it weird that I always have capers in my fridge, but seldom have basic things like relish and ketchup?

Now over the the bread box - YES, I really do have a Bread Box - isn't it cute? OOPS - out of bread too...but I have English muffins...SCORE.

I mix up the drained Tuna, Mayo, Artichoke Spread, Capers add a little salt, pepper, dash of Lemon Juice and some Celery Salt and VOILA - it tastes good, really good. Glop it onto a toasted English muffin, add a slice of Muenster cheese and under the broiler it goes for just a minute until the cheese melts.

As I'm checking on them, the plain white Muenster cheese is looking a little boring, so I add a wedge of Cheddar Jack for some pretty yellow color (besides, I think a Tuna Melt is supposed to have Cheddar). By now, the Muenster has browned just a bit and looks more colorful, so I probably didn't need the Cheddar after all, but I like the contrast.

I had a few wedges of leftover watermelon (from a pool party earlier this week), so they went on the plate too, and here it is...Gourmet Tuna Melt Sandwiches.


  1. Yum, that looks awesome! I saw some of your bentos on Flickr them!

  2. I love your bread box, LOL! Seriously, I think I need one.

  3. I googled gourmet tuna melt, and your blog popped up. What a delightfully delicious looking meal. Yum! Thanks :)