Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine String Art: LOVE

At first I had an idea to make a Heart shaped String Art wall hanging - but I wanted something that our entire family could create together.  I modified my plans and changed the design to be a 4 letter word.

4 members in our family + 4 letter word = Perfect fit

I used a piece of scrap wood from my stash.  It should have been a little bit longer, but I managed to squeeze the letters to fit OK.  I sanded the board lightly to smooth away any splinters and rough edges and wiped away any dust with a cloth.

I printed the outline of the letters using a Word document, each of the letters are sized so they fill one entire 8 1/2" X 11" sheet of paper. 

The letters are spaced evenly across the board and then taped into place along the top edge only.

Next, a large piece of graphite paper was slipped underneath and the letters were traced to transfer the letter shape onto the board.  It's not important if the lines are not perfectly straight.

The letter outlines are used as a guide to where the nails will be hammered in.  I marked freehand dots spaced along the lines (approximately 1" apart) for where I wanted each of the nails.  Don't worry too much about getting everything lined up, it will be nearly impossible.  That's what gives this Art Piece it's homespun feel.

I used 18 gauge X 3/4" long nails.  Make sure the nails have a head (not finishing nails or brads) so the string/embroidery floss doesn't slip off the top of the nail.  Hammer the nails along the outline of each letter, leaving half of the nail sticking up.

I managed not to hit my finger, but it wasn't easy keeping the nail straight.  This is another part that will be impossible to get perfect.  The nails won't be straight and they won't all be in the same distance.  It will look just fine in the end.

Once all the nails were in place - I took the board outside and sprayed the front and sides with black spray paint, and allowed it to dry for a few hours.

Now it was time for the FUN part.  With the family gathered around, we each picked a color of embroidery floss (I used Red, White, Light Pink and Dark Pink).

Each letter required 2 skeins of embroidery floss.  Start by tying one end of the floss securely around one of the nails, and begin to wrap from nail to nail across the letters.

There was No specific pattern that we used, but it could be done in a very orderly fashion to create a completely different appearance.  I like the fun of going random.

  After the letters were filled with string - we used the last section of floss to wrap around the outside of the letters to highlight the letter shape. At the end of each skein of floss - tie securely to a nail and trim the excess close to the knot.

You can see the nails are not even and we made some mistakes when we wrapped the floss, but it's really not noticeable. 

I love how each of us went about wrapping our letters in a slightly different random way.  The differences are subtle, but I can tell each letter was done by someone different.

The end result is a very impactful Wall Art Piece.  

This will be added to our Valentine Decor this year and Little K is already planning what she wants to make (on her own) for her room.

I remember doing a similar kind of yarn art as a kid,  I love how all those retro crafts are making a comeback, with a modern twist.  

Happy Crafting - I would love to see what  you make with this project idea, so please share.  


  1. This is beyond beautiful and I love that the entire family got to work together on it!

  2. Karina! This is awesome. I love it. You come up with the best ideas. I adore how each of you wrapped a different letter. What a beautiful treasure! xo